My husband doesn’t care that we are exposing our unborn child to harmful substances?

We live with his mom at the moment, and she is always doing something that could be harmful to our unborn baby. she’s spraying raid all over the house, using insecticides outside and in the garage, that i can clearly smell inside the house (due to windows and doors bieng opened) and if i close […]

Are the differences between Catholics and Protestants that significant?

Many would say yes and no. If you look at some of the differences they would not even in the protestant belief system negate salvation. Some would look at certain practices as unbiblical but I would argue that they can be found in scripture but at worst could be classed as extra biblical. Confession is…

What do you think are the reasons that we are close to writing a missa defunctorum for the cricket section?

Friends, Coming to this section and observing all these infighting and abuse I was reminiscing the good old days of camaraderie and friendship in this section. My interest in this section has waned considerably and I can see only few genuine cricket related questions here. Why is it that we are close to…

For people who say “the GOP has no ideas,” what do you think about these?

In 2013, when President Mitch Daniels, former Indiana governor, is counting his blessings, at the top of his list will be the name of his vice president: Paul Ryan. The former congressman from Wisconsin will have come to office with ideas for steering the federal government to solvency. Not that Daniels has ever…

In the animated series “Star wars the clone wars” when does the movie fit in?

Just curious about when in the series I should watch the movie whether its the start or after season 1 or after season 2 , any help would be great (FYi this is the newer animated series THE clone wars which is 3d as compared to the older one which was just clone wars and […]