I’m in love with my husband who has no regard for me – cheats, Insults and accuses me falsely.?

I also have a year old girl who is so beautiful and loving and is so glad when she sees her father. Should i divorce him? I am actually not happy and I’m always leaving when the tensions is high to find peace some where. The fact is that he’s in the habit of disgracing […]

Atheists: in your views, should atheists respect religion beliefs?

Atheists: in your views, should atheists respect religion beliefs I know that atheists should respect other people have the right and freedom to believe in the religions they want But what about the religion beliefs themselves Since the religions beliefs already do not respect other religion beliefs…

Does anyone know about birthright citizenship in Germany before the holocaust?

I am doing a project for collage and i need to know if “anchor babies” could have happened before the holocaust. i know that today anchor babies cannot happen in germany but i am having a hard time figuring out what the law was before the law that they use to day