Burmese python kills 2 year old…?

What do you think should happen to the Florida couple whose burmese python escaped from it’s cage during the night and strangled the woman’s 2 year old daughter? This news is devestating and I can’t believe a mother would have her small child in the same house as an animal like this? What do you think?

Let me start by saying your dogs and cats that you so love and adore, were once wild. The little ferrets, guinea pigs, and hamsters were once wild. Captive breeding has tamed these animals, so you feel they are “safe” to have as pets.

I currently have a collection of 13 snakes and I also have children living in my house. Want to know why I’m not freaking out?
1 I actually feed my snakes so they won’t go looking for food.
2 I actually house my snakes in proper enclosures so they won’t escape

If anyone that previously answered or even the person who asked would look at the statistics, there have ONLY been 12 python related deaths since 1980. 5 of them were children. You are more likely to get hit by a meteor than be killed by a reptile, wild or captive. Look at the facts people.

It’s irresponsible ownership of these animals that cause all the fear. These people broke the law. They didn’t have a permit, which is required in Florida. If they DID have such permit, they would have been made to house the snake correctly so this wouldn’t have happened. In Florida, its a class 2 misdemeanor to not have a permit. This guy might get 60 days for that.

This is a tragedy. It is a sad, sad thing.

Burmese pythons are lazy snakes. I own one. The only reason they even move is because they are hungry. That snake went out of its way to break out and go hunting for food. It was underfed. If reptile keepers are going to try to keep a large snake from becoming so by not feeding it, these things will happen. Don’t blame the snake. It was only trying to eat.

Are you going to condemn a mutt that is rummaging around in your trash because it’s hungry? Or maybe buy a Rottweiler and only feed it twice a week in hopes it won’t grow too large? That is, in effect what is happening here. It is easier to understand things in dog/cat terms because they are “comfortable” pets.

What gets me is that people like this couple who broke the law, kept their snake illegally and hungry are the ones who make the news. Never do you see a good story about them. That’s because the shocking stuff sells. Nobody wants to hear about a happy family that raises and breeds snakes. Nobody is comfortable with the fact that it takes place in this country.

To answer the original question…
I think the parents should be charged.
Responsible keepers can have their pets and children in the same home.
I think that 12 deaths since 1980 is pretty damn good stats for ANY pet!

As a vet tech I have a unique thought on this topic. I am disgusted by the fact that this snake was not properly housed. I don’t see anything wrong with someone owning a snake and I don’t see anything wrong with a parent owning a snake. However it is an animal and will act like an animal Snakes cannot be trained. (don’t try to argue this with me it is a reptile) It was not housed properly if it was able to get out of its cage. I don’t have any pets but I recently dog sat for my parents. They have a very large mixed breed dog that weighs somewhere around 85 lbs. That dog is the gentlest dog I have ever been around she licks my kids and I was not afraid at all to have her hear in our house. She plays with my kids when they are at my parents’ house and I know she would never hurt them. But she is still a dog. When it was time to go to bed, I put the kids in their room and put up a baby gate to keep them in their rooms and then I brought her into my room and shut the door and she slept in the floor of my bedroom. She would have had to go through my door over the baby gate blocking the kitchen and then over the baby gate blocking off their room. Never and I mean never trust an animal around a child! Like I said I am a vet tech and I have seen way way to many pets that were sweet and gentle and playing with a child turn and snap with no cause. I have seen many owners that have put their animals down for biteing a kid. Never trust an animal (dog, cat, snake, pig, etc.)

As for the adults in the case they should be arrested for child endangerment and neglect of a child and animal neglect.

Sad and yet another story of human beings meddling with nature. Why have such a large snake as a pet? Common sense would dictate that it is not a household pet, especially where a small child is involved. The people are at fault 100%. I’ve seen documentaries on what this article mentions. Irresponsible people turning loose animals not indigenous to certain areas and these animals end up thriving and killing off native species, etc. and also pets. Nature does quite fine on it’s own. When we get involved, things become out of balance. It’s terribly sad that this happened but people should smarten up and be more responsible.

I think it is cruel to keep wild animals as pets. I wouldn’t be surprised if the creatures are probably mentally ill from being kept in captivity. I don’t think any animal that is bigger or stronger than a child, or even an adult should be trusted, that includes family dogs. Perhaps the parents should be charged with neglect or reckless endangerment or something. There was a crazy lady here in the UK who kept a large python and a little yappy dog. She said they loved each other (nuts!) anyway the snake loved the dog so much he ate him. I think she was charged with something.

“I can’t believe a mother would have her small child in the same house as an animal like this?”

Why not? it’s no different than a dog, cat or any other pet.Any animal has the potential to be dangerous.(A bird clawed out a child’s eye a few years ago..just a regular house bird)

HOWEVER, to be negligent enough to not keep the cage locked is a whole other thing.I don’t think they should get manslaughter chargers.It wasn’t intentional and they are suffering enough…but there should be something.Child endangerment perhaps.

And I agree with the above poster about wild animals staying in the wild! I doubt he wants to be kept up in a cage just like all the other snakes and critters.

The parents are idiotic and didn’t check on the cage or didn’t fix it so it locked. This makes the innocent hungary snake want a meal so it goes and finds an easy meal. If you were in a deli you would eat a turkey sandwich wouldn’t you? Well a snake needs food so it ate the baby because the parents didn’t feed it enough and didn’t lock the cage. I say the parents are legally responsible for killing their child because they were to lazy to lock the cage.

I doubt it was deliberate.But who knows these days? My husband and I had 3 Burmese pythons before we had our son..Keyword before we had our son..I said we needed to get rid of them because I didn’t trust them with a baby in the house.Surprisingly they are very loving animals but at the end of the day they are animals who strangle BUT honestly MORE children die due to dog bites a year. So yes it is completely devastating but it just teaches you you can’t trust animals!

These people know enough to know a wild animal is NEVER domestic. If I had a tiger in my house with my children would you consider it perfectly safe for them to reside here.

Parents knowingly endangered a child. Thats neglect and child endangerment. Not an accident, they knew the snake was there and was big enough to harm their child. It’s a parents responsibillity to protect children from potential harm. The child is dead as a result. No accident, no mercy.

Hey man. Accidents happen.

Plus, the woman’s husband should be put in jail. He did not have the proper permits to own the snake.

they should be charged with negligent homicide…they didn’t have permits for the snake and apparently had it in a cage that it could get out of…if you’re going to have a pet you should ensure that you have the proper equipment to make sure it isn’t going to hurt someone, especially something like a snake

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