Car engine sputtering?

I own a 2002 Dodge Neon. I just had my oil changed about a wk ago and all of a sudden it wants to sputter at stops and when I first get going after I turn it on, I have to fight the tranny to shift. any thoughts?

Spark plugs?
Automatic choke?

i would recommend trying a fuel injector cleaner such as Lucas or Seafoam. They will help lubricate all your seals and your fuel line and take all the ethanol out of your gas. If that line is clogged, it would make the engine sputter.
The Tranny issue, that could be something completely different. It could either be about to go out, which would be a costly fix or it could just be an issue with the transmission lines. Maybe try a Transmission cleaner and see if maybe that helps. I can’t think of the brand right now, but they make a tranny fluid that helps lubricate also.

*I work at an Autozone, and deal with this kind of stuff all day.

have you ever replaced the gas clear out. Dont pass to jiffy Lube all they have there’s a gaggle of babies making minimum salary. Take it to a superb restore facility and characteristic it checked. on no account run your motor vehicle close to empty extraordinarily while this is chilly outdoors.

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