Bill is Supper Delegate She won by super Delegat allready How does that make you feel ? they stoled the election by super delegate vote the popular vote does not count.YOUR Vote does not count.
Question who is trying to steal the election?
Watch video> it explains Super Delegates >SUPER TUESDAY!…

I`ve been saying all along that it`s already been decided, we are puppets, although I still think McCain gonna be president-(I like Obama) We are loosing our democracy everyday, in small ways.

Lefty, what are you talking about?

You bash Hillary but can Obama win against the Republicans?

Obama is someone who cannot vote for “Yes” or “No” and this lack of courage is certainly not someone experienced enough to lead on the First Day!

Obama lacks the experience against both Mitt Romney and McCain.

Obama doesn’t have military experience while McCain does.
Obama has never run a multi-billion dollar corporation like Mitt Romney has.

that could inply that they are balloting for him interior the 1st place because of the fact he’s black.Letting race dictate the way you vote is racist,trouble-free and easy.And if blacks DO boycott,the Republican will win. Damon,you’re an fool.J.F.ok. and bill Clinton have been the two surprising Presidents,Obama isn’t!he’s have been given too many idiots such as you -crying for justice which you have already got,at the same time as your’ little brothers run loopy-whispering in his ear.relax.Do you quite should be in value of the total element?Screw that,you have a robust deal the way it is,why you wanna mess it up?

Super delegates play a part in every primary process. This does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that our votes do not count.

I get a big chuckle out of anyone accusing a Democrat of stealing/fixing elections with GWB currently occupying the White House.

He failed in this simulated audition. Practice more. Ape how Obama read his stump speeches.

Yikes…what an overstatement.

Get some sleep

your question makes no sense….


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