Good rock bands to listen to?

I used to always listen to rap but I started listening to rock. Right now only band I know of is A Day To Remember. Any modern rock bands? I tried listening to older bands like Led Zepellin and ACDC but it just wasn’t for me :/

Here I have listed some great albums from a nice mix of rock genres
ST = Self-titled

Hardcore punk:
Minor Threat – [Complete Discography]
Black Flag – [Damaged]
Circle Jerks – [Group Sex]
Subhumans – [EP-LP]
Rudimentary Peni – [The EPs of RP]
Bad Brains – [ST]
The Adolescents – [ST]
Conflict – [The Ungovernable Force]
Reagan Youth – [Live & Rare]
Trash Talk – [Eyes & Nines]

Converge – [Jane Doe]
Hatebreed – [Supremacy]
Cave In – [Antenna]

Crust punk:
Aus-Rotten – [The System Works… For Them]
Amebix – [Arise!]
Antisect – [In Darkness There Is No Choice]

Leftover Crack – [Mediocre Generica]
Operation Ivy – [Energy]
INDK – [Kill Whitey!]
The Specials – [ST]
Citizen Fish – [Life Size]
Choking Victim – [No Gods, No Managers]

Old school punk:
Ramones – [ST]
The Adicts – [Sound of Music]
The Clash – [ST]
The Damned – [ST]
The Stooges – [Raw Power]
Fear – [ST]
The Cramps – [Songs the Lord Taught Us]
The Germs – [MIA]

Sunny Day Real Estate – [ST]
Jawbox – [For Your Own Special Sweetheart]
Jets to Brazil – [Orange Rhyming Dictionary]
The Get Up Kids – [Something to Write Home About]
Jawbreaker – [24 Hour Revenge Therapy]

La Dispute – [Wildlife]
Pg. 99 – [Document #8]
Orchid – [Chaos is Me]
Circle Takes the Square – [As the Roots Undo]

Indie rock:
The Smiths – [Meat is Murder]
Neutral Milk Hotel – [In the Aeroplane Over the Sea]
Elliott Smith – [Either/Or]
Built to Spill – [There’s Nothing Wrong with Love]
Pavement – [Slanted & Enchanted]
Fugazi – [13 Songs]
No Age – [Everything In Between]
The Moldy Peaches – [ST]
Iceage – [New Brigade]
Black Lips – [Arabia Mountain]
The Clean – [Anthology]
Wolf Parade – [Apologies to the Queen Mary]
Fleet Foxes – [Heplessness Blues]

Sonic Youth – [Daydream Nation]
Dinosaur Jr. – [You’re Living All Over Me]
Pixies – [Doolittle]
Nirvana – [Bleach]
The Jesus & Mary Chain – [Honey’s Dead]
My Bloody Valentine – [Loveless]

Siouxsie and the Banshees – [JuJu]
Joy Division – [Unknown Pleasures]
Echo & the Bunnymen – [Ocean Rain]
The Cure – [Disintegration]
Gang of Four – [Bloodhound Gang]
The Fall – [This Nation’s Saving Grace]

Asking Alexandria
Avenged Sevenfold
Black Veil Brides
Falling In Reverse
Guns N’ Roses (They are old but I like them)
Linkin Park
My Chemical Romance
Papa Roach
Twin Atlantic
You Me At Six
30 Seconds To Mars

These are some of the rock bands I like (some you might not like)

Avenged Seven Fold is my fave Iove the songs and the lyrics of them go and listen to some of their songs like So Faraway, Dear God,A Little Peace of Heaven I’m sure you will love them

Shinedown, avenged sevenfold, papa roach, rise against
and if you want to try some metal maybe alter bridge and, five finger death punch…. Also try some Nickelback and 3 Doors Down…
You might like some classic rock, but try more like Van halen, maybe try motley Crüe and Aerosmith. Try some of their new albums too.

Metallica. And I know you said you didn’t like the older bands as much but I think you should give Black Sabbath a try if you haven’t already

“You’ve Seen The Butcher”…
The Amity Affliction.
City Of Fire.
“Carve Your Name”
Dead Letter Circus.
“One Step”
“The River Song”
Your Demise.
“Scared Of The Light”

I’m sure you’ll find something.
Good luck 😀

Well if your into rock, maybe Marilyn Manson would be down your street.

here are some bands you might want to try:
rise against…
jimmy eat world…
rival sons…
the heavy
the eagles of death metal
family force 5
black country communion

they’re all quite different genres (but almost all subgenres of rock)
so i hope that you’ll find some that you like, but there will probably be some that you hate too…
i hope i helped a bit 🙂

Listen to this…

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