Harry Potter name for dog?

For one’s who have read Harry Potter, do you like the idea of naming a dog or a cat Peeves if they are a trouble maker? I think that fits perfectly for a pet that gets into trouble a lot, what about you?

That’s cute!
Well, if I ever get a big black dog, I’m definitely naming it Sirius [:

I like it! Peeves is more than a trouble maker; I think he may be a trickster, an important character type (archetype?) in mythology. He does it to be mean, in a small way, but he also uses his pranks to help get rid of Dolores Umbridge, and is on the side of good in the final battle. Go for it!

I quite like bellatrix due to the fact as someone said, that you would be able to trade it to Bella which is fairly lovable, Luna and Lilly would even be lovely, or hermy!! (grawp calls hermione this 😉 @lane um… Fluffy is the only dog in Harry potter? What about fang and Sirius!!?

I think that would make a cool name for a trouble-making pet.

Yeah that’s cute! I’ve got a dog named Dudley; my mom named him before we watched the movie (or before it came out, lol) but it’s still cool! 😛

And I’ve had a fish named Fawkes. XD

Sure that would be a great name! I named my guinea pig Pigwidgeon! lol

It’s a brilliant name!

haha peeves sounds great i had never thought about it ^^

Ya that sounds really cute!!

Yeah, that’s a good idea!

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