Hello teens: What car do you drive/would you probably drive?

It’s been a while, my friends. school started, what can I say?

anyways, i’m researching cars (buying one next summer) and have found a 1999 BMW twenty miles from my house that only costs $6000! I’ve already earned about $300 from babysitting just in a month, and the parents will help me out a bit……

I don’t exactly go for cars I’m a pickup man, but I don’t have neighbor within 3 miles of me and I have to drive 23 miles on dirt roads to get to school. I love my 2000 F350 Ford Powerstroke. I don’t know about where your from, but a big cherry red ford here is a chick magnet.
Whatever you do don’t buy a ford or dodge car. BMW’s are pretty slick. Good luck

GEEZE! Look at all these spoiled kids getting brand new or classic cars. Their parents must be insane! You don’t buy a kid an expensive care for their first, they are going to wreck it! I had a nissan altima from like 1990 something, it was my first car, got it for college when I was 18. Then, a few months short of a year, I got into a crash and totaled it. Now I drive a 1985 Buick. IT’s a HUGE boat of a car, but it’s all we could afford. I hated it at first, it’s the only car that I told my dad I would NEVER drive, but it’s grown on me. And I’m ok with it, I’m just glad I was able to get a second car at all. I hope you are all very greatfull for your parents buying you such extravagant cars.

I plan on getting a 2010 Ford Taurus in White or Black I used to want an escalade but that was going a little far. I’m only 14 so my wishes may change by the time I get a car lol.

Right now I drive my parents car (I only have my permit) and its a silver PT cruiser.

Sorry to burst your bubble but I think $6,000 for a car is a little expensive, especially when you can get one for like $1,000. I mean you only have $300 so far, that is a long ways away from your goal. Also remember you are going to need money for gas and insurance.

I plan on getting any car that runs and is cheap lol =) No I didn’t get a car for my sweet 16.

My absolutely least favorite type of car is one of those box cars http://www.ecoautoninja.com/wp-content/u…

I drive a silver 2007 ford explorer.

Looks just like this:

Oh and Bmws are a nice first car. They last a while and are pretty reliable but be warned, after a while the repair parts cost insane amounts of money so don’t go too old. Where as if you get a chevy/toyota the costs are much, much lower.

Favorite kind of car – Lamborghini Murcielago http://www.autosavant.com/wp-content/upl…

Least favorite – Chevy Aveo. http://www.thriftybuffalo.com/products/i…

I drive a 2005 Toyota Camry (dark gray). Its a great car! I’m not sure how it’ll do in the snow. (I live in Ohio)

I think you should get a Honda, Toyota, Mazda, or Nissan.

Dont get a BMW. As nice cars they are, after they turn 6-7 years old, they become problematic. And they are INCREDIBLY expensive to fix.

My car was $7000, and its amazing!

Ps: You should get a stick shift! Its sooooo worth it to learn!

My dream car? Nissan 250z, Mazda rx-8, Porsche Boxster.(all of these in manual of course 😉

if that car is only 6000 there might be something wrong with it….try getting a VIN check on it and look up the car’s history. If i were you i would totally get a foreign car though. worth every penny. I drive a toyota camry and its from 1994!! i havent had ANY major problems with it and i plan on driving it to its death. until then im probably saving up for a Mazda 3 in black

I drive a dark green 1997 toyota 4runner. it was my moms car but she gave it to me when she got her new car. i didnt have to pay for it because it was already payed off for by the time i got it (1 1/2 years ago).

I absolutely love it!!! I love SUV’s, i dont like smaller cars very much, i like the feeling of being up higher and for the area i live in sthey are soooo much safer ( most people drive big cars), especially with the snow

I will probably get a new car this year because my sister will start driving and she will need that car. im hoping for a newer 4runner or another SUV. i like nissans, newer ford models, i love love love the new chevy suburbans and tahoes, and the gmc yukons. but mostly toyotas (except for the rav4…ew yuck)

I dont like hondas at all (crv, element, pilot…) they are so ugly.

At the end of next year, i am getting a Nissan 300zx

I am paying for it all myself.

It amazes me to see how many of you drive better cars than my parents. Here in Australia, no 16 year olds drive Mercedes’s and BMW’s, they get old cars, that they can afford to crash

Well when I was 16 I drove an expedition. Didn’t have a payment so I was ok w/it. Now I have a new Tahoe sittin on 26’s. If I could have my DREAM car it would be a Super Charged Range Rover white on white w/white wheels!! Classy!!

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