I cant sleep, help! been up for 30 hours!?

Hey guys. im a 15 year old boy and i live in norway. for the past few days ive been experiencing problems falling asleep. and this is really scary. I have now been up for 30 hours without sleeping. but the thing is that i actually feel tired, yet i cant fall asleep. i have a test in school on thursday, which is in…

The best thing to do is take karms this helps you sleep also get your self comfortable and if you cant sleep go yo your gp

Watch movies on line, bypass on line, Watch television, Draw, Write, ingesting Tea some human beings say Makes human beings nod off, examine, verify your e mail, answer Questions, in case you have pets Spend time with them Or Feed them, verify your Horoscope, Have a snack, seem thorught your laptop and discover belongings you do no longer choose, Delete your historic previous, think of roughly some thing you opt to do, Daydream, Take a bathtub (confirm your unsleeping for that ), restoration table for Breackfest tommarow, Play video games , and do some thing you adore while i’m no longer able to sleep I watch anime or Lisen to VOCALOID 😀

Take some type of sleeping pill or smoke some mary jane haha

you need to make an emergency app with your doctor for some sleeping pills, or go to your nearest chemist and buy some

Drink nyquil

Take sleeping pills & relax your mind


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