Im a 13 yr old girl whos 5’4 and 93 pounds is this normal?

So im 13 5’4 and 93 pounds.. most of my friends are super skinny but their like 105 pounds and shorter than me.. I had my first period about 3 months ago and my breasts are size 36A/32B. My legs are really most of my body 35 inches. And i eat a lot so im not like starving myself or anything. also i dont really…

You’re just really skinny, nothing to worry about at all!!

I used to be 5’7-5’9 throughout middle school (12-15) and I was STICK THIN. Yes I did get a little self conscious about it, but now I have the “preferred body”, meaning I am still skinny, but I did put on some more weight.

Becasuse you are short and tiny, you mad end up being heavier compared to your height in your later teens, the reason why you’re so skinny now is that you might have not started your period yet and are lacking estrogen (which is present when there is fat and helps to keep fat on you, this is mostly to prepare you for pregnancy, estrogen also increases when you’re about to have your period, so watch, when you get it you might gain some weight)

As for the weight loss, 8 pounds is a lot! Perhaps you have a high metabolism, try eating things that take a while to digest and have a bit higher fat quantity if you do want to gain a little bit of weight, don’t be scared of those burgers! They are your best friends when you’re young lol

But if you do have some concerns talk to your family doctor, as you may have a hyper-functioning thyroid gland (hyper functioning thyroid glands make you loose weight fast, hypo-functioning glands make you gain weight fast)

It’s a little underweight I am the same height and have been since I was 12 but even 105 would be underweight. You should be around 110 to 135 in a healthy range and since you are 13 and probably still growing you should try to keep at a healthy weight so it does not effect your growth….now if you eat healthy and still can’t seem to gain weight you could just have a high metabolism. I would talk to your doctor at your next checkup and see if it is an area of concern or if something can be done plus your doctor has probably seen you for awhile so should know what’s better for you then a bunch a people who have never met you!

93 Pounds

your are really light for your height. Im 14 and 1 inch shorter and weigh 105. I would see a doctorfor the losing weigh all of a sudden, that is kind of weird.

I think you may need some professional help, and I don’t mean that in a mean way. At 5’4″ you could be like125 and not be overweight! If people think you look unhealthily skinny and you think you look fat, there is a definite psychological issue here that needs to be addressed.

See I’m 13 4’2, 94, and my boobs are like 32D and I got my period when I was 11. Where all diffrent:)
& I used to drop weight like crazy!

-Xoxo Katie-Lynn<3

You sound EXACTLY like me! But I’m like 5’3ish. Maybe it’s just your scale cause some do that but that doesn’t happen to me haha.

at that age its normal and for that height its a low weight


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