Is 97K miles too much for ANY car?

I’m searching for a nice, good looking cheap car. i found a 2002 acura with 97K miles. every car i look for that is under 10,000 has atleast 60-80K. do you think it’s a horrible idea to buy a car with 97K miles?

That car has averaged about 16k a year which is not too bad.An Acura can (with a little maintenance)go about 300k.So if they don’t want a lot for it ,it should be a good buy.

It completely depends on the year of the car, basically if it was driven more than 15k miles in a year, than I would be a bit hesitant to buy it…unless of course you are convinced that it’s highway mileage.

So for a 2002 car, you should be at 7 x 15 = 105k miles which would be pretty average .. so 97k on a 2002 is not a big deal at all in my opinion.

Another thing to consider is [1] whether the seller is the first owner, [2] has all the maintenance / oil change records and [3] has a clean history (use Authochek or Carfax to check).


You mentioned nothing specific about which model Acura you are looking at, but 97-03 CL/TL v6 versions (Accord clone) for sure have issues with 3rd gear clutch disk wearing out and clogging up fluid ports inside and roasting the trans to a tune of $3000+.

Unless the swap was done with a replacement unit made in 2005 or later, the replacement will have the same issues.

The Integra seems to be better off.

No, it’s not the mileage that matters, it’s the actual condition of the car, which only a good mechanic can tell you. Some cars with 150K miles are great cars, others with only 50K miles are junk. Don’t depend only on mileage to make a decision. Select the car you like, spend about $75 to have a mechanic look it over, get a CarFax vehicle history report, test drive it on the highway and on city streets, and THEN make your decision.

depends what kind of car … american cars with that type of mileage would be a bad idea. Acura has import roots and 97K is at least half of its life.

As a rule of thumb most extended warranty programs will not cover vehicles that have more than 75K miles. Not to say the car will breakdown but not cost efficent for routine use.

Not at all. Let me tell you something, my husband and I own 4 vehicles. 2000 Navigator….paid 30,000 for it used, 1995 Chevy p/u low mileage used, 1992 Honda Accord bought used higher end mileage, and a 93 Toyota Camry HIGH mileage.

The vehicle we drive the most has the highest mileage and we paid the least for! I bought it for 100 bucks about 2 years ago. Had 314,000 miles on it. Still runs and gets me 29 miles to the gallon.

I say to get a vehicle report if your spending a lot of money. I bought one on the camry for the heck of it and it has been in wrecked twice, but runs great!

Your very lucky to be able to find a used acura that has under 100,000 mile’s on it. My wife drive’s an acura and it has 182,000 mile’s on it and still running like a new one , About the only way you can screw an acura engine up is by running it hot , other then that your not going to hurt the engine .I would say to buy it , if there’s any way you can .WE really love ours.

Ask to see a maintenance schedule, Acuras are great cars so as long as they took care of it, you should get at least 6 more solid years out of it.

Also check out a site like to find out more costs for the car, and they’ll also have a maintenance schedule for you to follow. This way you can keep the car running for as long as possible, and when you’re ready for a new one you can get as much as possible for the sale/trade in.

The absolutely free reverse vin check sites generally provide fake information. To get real information, money will have to be paid. The free searches provide fake information so they can get your email address to send spam.

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Had a little Dodge Omni that was still going strong at 240,000 miles. Have a mechanic you trust examine the car before you buy.

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