Is a 100. Mbps internet connection fast????

I have Charter High speed internet and i was wondering iff theres faster connections.

the network card is 10 /100
Not your internet connection
If it was – wow
Most internet broadband is in the range of 1 -2 mb /second

Here is the wikipedia definition of high speed broadband

In general, any connection to the customer of 256 kbit/s (0.256 Mbit/s) or more is considered broadband Internet

so high speed broadband starts at .25 mb /s

Here is a chart

DS-1 (Tier 1) 1.544 Mbit/s
E-1 2.048 Mbit/s
DS-3 (Tier 3) 44.736 Mbit/s

tier 1 is you
tier 3 is a referred to as a t3 line . ( $ 500 month)
The tier 3 is 45 mb/s

On top of that this is your max download speed. Typically the isp limit your upload to 10 % of your download speeds

A good program to test your internet speed is network magic

The summary is that 100 mb/s would be unbelievably fast.
The number you are seeing is the max capability of your network card if you were sharing files by an ethernet cable to another computer on your home network
Your internet speed ins probably in the range of 1 – 2 mb/s
This is amazingly fast compared to dial up internet which is all we had not long ago

No internet connection is that fast. The most common bandwidth is 8Mbps many ISPs offer lower, some offer up to 24Mbps, but I have never seen anyone achieve this, they normally peak at 6 – 8. What you are seeing is the connection speed of your network card, the standard connection speeds for this are 10/100 or 1000. This is many times faster than any internet connection.

No. Internet speed at its highest is less than 10 Mbps at present for the present tech. without causing bottlenecks because residential wiring cannot handle the higher speeds. Need comercial setup.

100 Mbps, or mega-bits per second (not to be comfused with mega-bytes) is very fast.

an 100 Mbps connection loads 12.5 mega-bytes of a page in one second. in comparison, a song is normally 5 mega-bytes.


Mbps = mega-bits per sec
MBps = mega-bytes per sec

yes there is 200meg provided by Verizon on their fivos or fiber optics. i doubt you have 100meg anyways. you’re probably meaning 10 meg.

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