Ladies:ever gone to mens health and picked up more than a best answer?

YES .. 4 Violation Notices …. and 2 phone numbers …. LOL

Harhar. Nahh, I’ve cruised the section but I just go for laughs.

I once went to womens health and everyone thumbed me down.

haha yes had to drag Kat out of there many a night 🙂

No. I dread to think what you could pick up there lol

I went to women’s health and ever question was about discharge and masturbating.

I don’t have an answer but I am laughing out very loud 🙂

I’ve never clicked on it…I didn’t know it EXISTED until a couple of weeks ago.

I wouldn’t dare.

nah i got a load of tds and a vn!

Never went there, but now that u talk abt it, maybe I’ll go look…..

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