My Ps3 Turns Itself Off?

Plain And Simple. My Ps3 Turns Itself Off Every Now And Then. Anyone Know Why ? Also After It Turns Off Theres A Light Blinking Red. Just Today (5/6/10 At 8:55 PM) My PS3 Will Not Turn Back On. When I Turn It On The Lights On The Right Go: Red,Green, Blue On The Left And Green On The Right,A Quick Yellow,Then Back…

You have encountered hardware failure know as the YLOD.(yellow light of death)
If you still have the warranty send it in to get it fixed.
If you don’t Sony charges $150 plus tax.

On a side note why is ever first letter of every word capitalized?

Classic sign of the YLOD(yellow light of death)

Here are your options:

1. Send it to Sony for repair $150
2. Find a local shop to repair it
3. Buy a new ps3
4. Fix it yourself (cheapest)

Here is the best guide for fixing it yourself:

YLOD… aka Yellow Light of Death!

No worries, happens to a lot of us. For me I fixed mine myself using this guide I got for $37. I know it’s a bit of money to spend but it’s worth the money to send it to Sony alone.

If you want to make the money back, you can do what I did. Post an ad on Craiglists to your locals to tell them you can fix their YLOD for $10. You’ll make the money back in no time plus more.

Good luck!

Get the guide here:

Sounds like Yellow Light of Death, which means your console has encountered hardware failure and needs repair.

attempt utilising a diverse extension twine, or plug it into the wall at as quickly as, and notice if it works. If the concern persists then you definately’ll could deliver it decrease back to sony…perhaps you’re purely unlucky 🙁

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