Painless Suicide, there will be?

I need some painless suicide ideas. i need a suicide method
that will not cause me any pain or discomfort while in the process. Knives, drugs, and other methods cause too much pain. If u don’t tell me a way i will suffer more and more forever.
I have not had one happy moment in the last 7years of my life.

There is no such thing as”painless” suicide. You are in pain right now. When you pass, you won’t leave that pain behind, it is one of the things you will carry with you to what is beyond this world. I was suicidal a few years ago. I was completely abandoned by my family, and living on the street. I finally picked a day to die. Someone else I knew, a young man who was in experienced with life, and yet with so much to live for beat me to it. As a result of his death, some of his friends tried to save me and help me get the help I needed to live. I recently got into an awesome apartment, and most of my other worries are being resolved too. I never would have believed life could be so, good! This world is a “training ground” for us. We are learning the things we will need to have to survive where we are going. Do you want to spend an eternity of suffering? Or, do you want to realize that this bad time( what ever it is) is only temporary, and you do have the strength now to survive it?
You stand at the gate way to your own future.
Please, go into any hospital emergency room and tell them you have a”Psychological Emergency” they will start you into a better direction. Therapy is good. Believe me, I still go through it,and I have learned alot of things about myself, and lost some guilt for something that I never needed to carry with me in the first place. You have a reason to be here right now. Please figure out what it is, and start enjoying your life, it’s not too late, and there is a whole world of good things out there waiting for you! God bless you and good luck^_^

1-800-suicide I know what you are coming from and what you are going though. That was me for 8 years. But the thing is depression and suicidal thoughts aren’t you. You could be so much happier and confident in yourself if you would just get the help you deserve and you need. Death is a solution. But not the solution you should be picking. Again- Life is so worth living if you would just give it a chance. Hope and love are real. You deserve to know what hope feels like- what its like to love someone and have them love you in return. The fact that you are still alive means that you are not meant to die. You are too young. You have a purpose in being alive. Use that purpose to help people or change the world for the better. Teach someone to read. Build someone a house with Habitat for Humanity. Life is given to us and we need to use it wisely. We have time to be dead once we have finished everything we need to experience first. Old age really should be the way everyone should go. Please don’t kill yourself. The world wouldn’t be the same with one less person in it. The people who care about you would be devastated. Think about what you would being putting your parents through- your siblings- and your extended family. Do you really want to do that to them? They deserve to get to know you.

Please dont, this coming from a guy, thats the most selfish thing you can do, think of all the pain you would put your family through, you can always go on vacation to up your spirits. But dont kill yourself, its not good!

Join a sport, lacrosse is awesome you get to run hard, and clock people! Hit em as hard as you want to get your frustration out and not get in trouble =]. Its an awesome game, but seriosuly join a sport, hitting people isnt illigal in games. And likei said it gets your frustration out!!!

And plus i was reading over some of your answers, take your own advice, get a parttime job, go to a rec center, go clubbing, anything to clear your mind.

And even……. clean your house!!! Ewwwwwwwwww i hate cleaning!! Lol anything to take your mind of bad thoughts

Dave Listen…. I refuse to be a part of you taking your life but I am offering you help. If you kill yourself you will not go to heaven did you know that?? You don’t want to burn for eternity do you? Call your local mental health crisis line speak to a professional that can help you. Or else click on my picture go to my profile and email me we can talk maybe I can help you find a way to cope. Please you said it’s been 7 years what is a few more mins going to hurt. just talk to me I am not a DR but I do care about you! HUGSSSSSSS

I really hope you are kidding and are not going to commit suicide. That is a really stupid and selfish thing to do. You would be causing your family pain.

im a diabetic, when i was suicidal i was going to shoot up 300 units of humalog (fast acting insulin) to starve my brain of glucose (low blood sugar), and eventually you fall into a sleep that you cant wake from. (20 units is the maximum my body weight can handle).

but im not suicidal at the moment. i really dotn reccomend it.

you had to make me cry didn’t you.
sweetheart, i know my words will be little comfort, but you are probably a clever, amazing person and you deserve a happy life. get away from where you live, take a risk in your life rather than risking your life.
please think, if you’ve not had any happiness the past 7 years, itsnt it about time you changed the way you live?

take care xxx

i’m sworn by the oath of hippocrates to Apollo and Hermes that i cannot impart such information, however, if really wanna die…no point in worrying about pain…if you’ve been bearing it for seven years…seven minutes r less is not going to make a difference

Happiness is a choice just as much as a feeling. Death is never the answer

I wish i could meet you and give you a great big hug

Just think right now someone is thinking about you…

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