Texas doesn’t deserve aid? Wheres FEMA? Wheres Obama?

Why hasn’t any aid been offered? An entire town burned.

Fires scorch Southwest, burning homes and one entire town

Stoneburg was “burned over,” by a 25,000-acre fire said Texas Forest Service spokeswoman Misty Wilburn. The town, northwest of Dallas near the Oklahoma state line,

Wow I hadn’t even heard about it -anywhere funny how hurricane katrina had nonstop coverage -mostly to place blame on the Bush administration This reminds me of what occurred in Kentucky this past winter -people freezing to death and what did they get food drop supplies that contained the salmonella tainted peanut butter God bless the fine people of the great state of Texas you’re all in my prayers to send relief ASAP!

Every time a disaster occurs, I shake my head at FEMA. They make no sense, they’re disorganized, providing few with actual help…I was standing in line behind a couple yesterday buying gloves and hats saying they wouldn’t have power for a couple weeks maybe, and are staying at home. FEMA is a gov’t control tactic instituted to take away your rights at the drop of a hat, which is why JFK was so against them. IF it’s not so, then where are they now???

Aid: Did someone say Kool Aid? Green or purple?

Fire: QUIT WATCHING Beavis and Butthead!!!

Burning homes: Well, we’ll have to send more money to the cooking classes. We’re just not reaching them.

FEMA: What, is it camp time already?

Where’s Obama: Pizza Pizza!!

Why would Obama help Texas? Don’t the Bushes live there?

No, actually, politicking today is just like Professional Wrestling.
On stage, it’s all grunt, grit and grudge match, but behind the scenes, they’re all Bohemian best buddies. If a place doesn’t get help, it is because it wasn’t meant to be helped.

The people in Texas are just sufferring as pawns for the latest hidden agenda, just like the victims of Katrina and Rita.

As you mentioned, you don’t want Obama help and your are probably better off with out it. According to the new Federal Government, if you accept help, the Feds can run your company or state any way they see fit. Not sure if they can force your Governor to resign, but I suppose they would explore that possibility.
To play devils advocate, remember that Obama has only been in office for a couple of months and can’t be expected to have a firm grasp on every detail just yet. He has 56 other states to worry about as well !!

The better question to ask is why Governor Perry has not yet requested FEMA designation as a presidential declared disaster, which would activate federal resources, include making federal aid available.

Perhaps he has, but it is not listed in the daily wildfire sit rep, the FEMA list of declared disasters, or the governor’s website.

It most likely is a matter of timing — FEMA just announced yesterday a disaster zone in Minnesota for storms which occurred in the third week of March.

Texas is perfectly capable of taking care of its own and my personal preference is that Obama’s crew stay the h*ll wherever they are. I have the Lone Star Flag flying proudly out front and Obama is not worthy to stand beneath it. Rick Perry is my president and Texas is my country. I burned my American Flag the day Obama took office and I burned it in honor of those who have fought for it for they never intended the United State to meet with such an end.

Hussein believes the evil white Texans should give their land back to the Mexicans who are really just Spanish descendants and not natives either.

if you haven’t already noticed FEMA is not really to help people, they are there to lock everyone up where the social unrest begins

TalI hear them talk all the time about how you guys do not need help from the FEDERAL government.

Heck, I hear from Texans on Yahoo – all the time – how they are against any “socialist” help!

Make up your mind! ALL help from the government is “Socialist”.

Bet there were “Socialist” rules in place on how to avoid losing a forest to fires…There are in my state which is not so red…

All you have to do is use a few tax-dollars to surround & burn -a forest with a “no burn” zone. Duh. Bet your “Righty” polititions were against that.

Too bad. You get who you VOTE for!

Obama does not care about white people.

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