Too big penis for an Asian girl?

I am an European guy and I started to date an Asian girl in my age. I have been always wondering about having an Asian girl and (later) a wife, ha ha, I think that they are so cute. This girl is also very pretty and fine.

But I think about our possible future and there is something that can be a problem (or…

Sometimes, it is too small for an experienced girl.


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dood chicks say oh ya i want a guy with a mad huge wang and all tht stuff. well, being that youre a younger guy, you can still bag a few virgins before you get 2 old and its jus a bad idea. chicks that are virgins will be hurtin no matter how big your wang is. oh and another thing, chicks vaginal canals r only bout 6 inches deep, any more and ur hitting the back wall. im not bragging or nething, but i do have problems with the size of my wang while having sex. it is very scary when my gf is riding me, ive been VERY close to breaking my wang from it hitting the back wall. not a good feeling. but dood dont worry bout it, most chicks cant handle more than 6 inches or so.

You have a problem that a lot of guys would love to have. However, if you have serious doubts about whether you are too big, remember, most women can give birth to a baby. The size of a baby would dwarf your penis size. So If you take it easy, most women can accommodate your size. Asian women are no different from any other women in the world.

You probably won’t be able to “bottom out” because the average cervix can usually only extend between 5-7 inches in depth, but with enough foreplay the vagina will usually adapt to most girths. Your penis may be thick, but it isn’t as thick as a baby’s head (even an asian baby’s head).

Asian Women Fucking Black Men

You do realize that there is no way you can compete with the size of an 8 to 10 pound baby.
Women’s bodies are designed to push a child through there.

Ive been to china and all those asian girls go around fucking black guys and you probably know the size of a black mans penis so ive noticed that asian women like big penis so your lucky
Good luck

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This doesn’t sound like a problem to me.

But if you think it may be, have her try it on for size.

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