Trish Stratus is the Most Overrated Women’s Pro Wrestler in History?

A beautiful blonde fitness model who developed into a pretty good wrestler–put over by Lita, Jackie, Molly Holly, Jazz, Victoria and even Mickie James–everyone put Trish over, she put no one over; even the Glamazon put her over; and Trish had a almost 3 year lay off.

She got special treatment as she was…

I agree trish stratus is HIGHLY overrated and I have said this numerous times before. She was never good and she never will be. And those trish stratus marks have no real facts to say that she was a good wrestler. All they say is she is a good wrestler because she won the title seven times. So?
Just because batista has won the title 5 times that means he is a goood wrestler? No
So just because rick steamboat never won a world title does that mean he is a bad wrestler? No

Trish stratus was only pushed because of her looks. She was just another eye candy who was not special. Her looks are fake. Her wrestling talent sucked when she came. Ok trish improved and she is better than some of the eye candy divas such as stacy keibler torrie wilson maria kelly bellas etc.
But she was NOT better than Lita victoria molly jazqueline jazz ivory gail mickie etc. They all jobbed to her and made her look good in the ring when clearly she sucked.

On her last match lita was the one doing ALL the work. And what did trish do? She won by a botched up sharpshooter. It was so botched up a 5 year old could have noticed it.
And in my opinion she isnt all that athletic. WOW she can do a bridge and a handstand! BIG DEAL MY 5 YEAR OLD COUSIN CAN DO THAT!
Her mic skill was average at best and her ring skills are like a bad a little. she was pretty sloppy in the ring. If i rate her in the ring I give her a D. Her charisma/fans were made up of guys who think she is hot.

EVERYONE had to job to trish and make her look good. She has good matches will divas who were MILES better than her,BUT when she was in a match with a diva who was worse then she was the match would be terrible. A GOOD WRESTLER HAS THE ABILITY TO MAKE A BAD WRESTLER LOOK GOOD IN THE RING,but trish couldnot do that.Besides trish barely put anyone over. Whenever you saw raw she was always the champion.

Trish is just highly overrated and getting so much praise for nothing.

You say Chyna was #1 and Lita was #2.. I think Lita was #1 and Chyna was #2. Trish was like #5. When Chyna left Lita was #1 – If she was #1 whilst she was there or not it doesn’t matter, Lita was then #1. Trish was seen to be #1 which is nonsence. Trish was a good wrestler but a record breaking 7 times, I think that should be Lita. Lita should atleast have held 6 reigns anyway not 4. Lita put Mickie over, and Trish comes back to RAW as the host and just demolishes Beth Pheonix.. She was ‘overpushed’ but remember with Lita the things with the Hardy Boyz, Matt and Edge, Matt and Kane, Edge and the aftermath etc. Lita had a better career than Trish despite Trish being ‘Diva of the Decade’ because we all know Lita is the true Diva of the Decade even though the fans pushed her away. Lita would have held more Women’s Titles than anybody if she wasn’t involved in such high drama in other places, what has Trish done? Kissed Jeff.. Stalked by Big Daddy V.. Lita’s career was much better.

Trish Stratus really had no business being in the ring, along with a few others of her wrestling time period. Once you got rid of all the overrated hype and stupid story lines, she didn’t have much to offer. She was just another piece of eye candy. Just another Pamela Anderson wannabe.

She was the reason I never watched “diva” wrestling. She was about as authentic as a three dollar bill, and she should have stayed as a hood ornament. It’s one of the reasons I don’t care too much for Mickie James, because she still displays traits of Trish Stratus.

The best thing for women’s wrestling is when Trish Stratus quit. Without her influence the bimbo factor is now gone. The new generation of women performers have changed the face of women’s wrestling. The women wrestlers now seem to be much better conditioned, a lot more skilled, faster and stronger. They seem to bring an edge to women’s wrestling that was lacking with women performers in the past, and they still look good doing it.

Yes because she would beat Molly Holly, Gail Kim, Lita etc pretty easily.
She would come into the ring and dominate them as if they had never wrestled before.
If Trish was a 7 time women’s champion, then why has Gail Kim been a 1 time?

Much as it pains me, I have to agree with everything you just said. I consider myself a Trish fan, but to call her the best Diva of all time is spitting in the face of all the other women that have been in the business for years. People are drawn to Trish because she was just arm-candy when she started in the business. But she commited herself to working hard and improving on her wrestling. She went from being just a bimbo to being a really good athlete. Beautiful woman? Of course! Good ring skills? Definately. Championship material? Sure. Diva of the Decade? No way. Sorry.

No, I don’t think Trish is the most overrated, she was pretty good, popular too, Maryse, Debra and Stephanie McMahon are more overrated, they have no wrestling skills, but still have all been women’s champion or Divas Champion.

Nope. She caught the attention of WWE fans all over the world and was very successful with her “Stratusfaction” gimmick. If there is truly an overrated female wrestler, it is Traci Brooks.

Better body and face than Jackie
As athletic as Victoria
As sexy as Melina with a prettier face
More attractive and faster than Mickie James

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