Werent steeler fans like steel terror a little too cocky? who else is glad packers won?

Steelr fans seem to think they have a lock on super bowls? haha!! NOT THIS TIME, BIG BEN!

Steeler’s fans are one of the most arrogant fan bases Ive encountered. I put them up there with New England fans.

I am so happy the Packers won. Now we don’t have to endure all of the stupid question from the Steeler fan base that we did when the beat Arizona a few years ago in the super bowl. Thank God.

Steeler fans are the Best in the world! I don’t know of any of us that are cocky or arrogant. The Steelers can’t win the Super Bowl EVERY year. I think you and other haters are just jealous of the Steelers success.

Interesting that Steel Terror is too much of a coward to show his face in here today, after running his mouth all week long.

I Think every fan that is not a steeler glad they lost i mean we would be trolled with 7 Titles people

I’m glad their cocky fans got knocked down a few pegs.

I enjoyed walking up and down the streets of Pittsburgh where there was COMPLETE SILENCE!! lol, then in school everyone got mad at me because I wore green and yellow just to mess with everyone. It’s been a great day, that’s for all the years of messing with my Rams.

Steelers fans are hard core fans..doesn’t mean they are arrogant they love and support their team.

Some were winning does that loseing will bring humlity.


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