What are good names for a male pup? (yorkie)?

My dog gave birth to 4 male yorkies I only named 1 and I can’t think of any more names. What are some good names for male yorkies?
They are all cute ans soft one of them has a white spot on its chest and another one has 2 brown dots on its head like a Rottweiler and some of them cry a lot… Help me with names!

My neighbors have a yorkie, and they named it “Teddy” and it’s the cutest thing ever.

I think human names are really cool for dogs, my friend has a golden labrador called Susan and it really suits her. Also like the names Paddy and Tobey

Friends of mine had dogs named Chewy, Giggles (yes, a boy), Scamp, Buster, Link, and Spikey.

Simba, Goliath, Hercules, I usually give my small dogs, big strong names hehe. 😀

Biscuit, Rocco, mr. or mrs.whiskers

your dogs backyard breeder you name them

Duster 😀

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