What is the best dual sport bike?

I am 5’5 130lbs and i have been riding a honda xr250 for about a year. i just sold it and im now looking for a good dual sport bike. i need something that can ride on the freeways with no problems and still be able to trail ride. any suggestions?

If you want something similar to what you had:

Suzuki has dual sport motorcycles similar to an XR250, like you had. It is similar in that it is not extremely powerful and easy to maneuver.

Honda (CRF230L), Yamaha (I think… TTR250), and Kawasaki (I think.. KDX250) all make a bike similar to what you had as well. Honda’s is a little smaller than what you had, and probably shouldn’t be ridden on a highway, as with any of the other brands that are under 250 cc’s. KTM doesn’t make a comparable bike to the XR250.

None of these bikes are going to have adjustable suspension or a powerful motor. ^^^^

I would probably go with the Yamaha, Suzuki, or Kawasaki because they are going to be the most reliable and have the least amount of maintenance issues.

If you want high performance and durability:

If you want to stay with Honda, I suggest getting a CRF250X or a 450X. The 450 is more powerful. Both bikes would need to have a mirror, a break light, and a license plate light put on to be made street legal.

If you want to try something other than Honda, you could try a KTM EXC250. I know that the 450 comes street legal, but I am not sure about the 250. If it does need to be street legalized I am guessing it would need a license plate light and a mirror. It would be a really good bike for someone your size, because it is not extremely powerful, but it is still high quality and you can adjust the suspension. Also, they make a lot of after market parts to make it faster (if that’s what you want).

(I suggest the KTM over Honda because they are easier to ride, they don’t wear you out as fast because they are a lot smoother, and don’t jerk you around as much as a Honda, which allows you to go faster. )

Kawasaki is one of the better bikes as well. I think it is the Kawaskai KLX 450R. It has one of the nicest computers made, the screen is bright and it displays a lot of information.

I don’t know much about Yamaha.
and Suzuki doesn’t make this type of bike yet.

*I would definitely recommend a KTM* I think that the Honda, Kawasaki and the Yamaha 450 would be too powerful for someone your size.

Good luck.. and any more questions, if I helped, you can email me! 🙂

Suzuki DRZ400S
top highway speed 94 mph
best off road bike, the only true motocross bike that’s just barely street legal, lightweight enough if you dump it you can pick it up yourself,

A lot of good suggestions have been made. Also look at the Yamaha WR250R, offroad and street legal. Lots of good reviews.

Good luck.

DRZ400SM with street tires, lots of fun. Should not be too bad on freeways.

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