What would you name 4 girls from these RETRO names?

These are names that were in the top 1000 in 1880, or 1950…

Mary Irma Beatrice
Cleo Eugenie Hester
Elsa Florence Pearl
Opal Susan Martha

BQ: Teddy for a girl? Absolutely not. I don’t particularly care for it on a boy either.

Love love love Mary Alice. I’m actually thinking about replacing my Alice combo with a Mary Alice combo. I’m torn though.

I actually like quite a few of those names. If I had to name 4 girls that out of the names provided, I would pick:
Opal Henrietta
Mona Pauline
Cleo Hester
Pearl Claudie

Actually, the names Mary, Elizabeth, Pink, Pinkie, and Kelly all were in the top thousand boy names in the year 1880. James was in the top thousand for girls.

Teddy is cute, though it seems like it would be for a younger child. I think it would be better as Theodore, with Teddy as a nickname. Mary Alice is cute.

Cynthia Jill
Mary Lolita
Elsa Beatrice
Mona Susan

I’m a fan of the first names and have actually considered both Mary and Mona at one point. Although I love Cynthia/Cindy, I still feel like it’s viewed as too “dated” and not ready to come back yet b/c it’s my parents’ generation. I really like Elsa as well, but it’s a little too close to the popular “Elle/Ellie” names. I’m not crazy about any of the middle names. I prefer Beatrix over Beatrice as it has a little bit more spunk. I like Jillian, but not just Jill on its own. Lola is cute, but Lolita just has that negative connotation and I get the same feeling with Susan as I do with Cynthia. Although, I am a fan of Susannah/Susanna.

BQ: Teddy feels too nickname-ish to me. I would feel bad for a grown man if his full, given name was Teddy. However, if it were a nickname for Theodore, that would be cute because when he was older, he could go by Theo. Mary Alice is sweet, but many of the common double barrel names (Mary Alice, Mary Sue, Mary Anne, Mary Jane, etc.) will solidify the unfair negative views that it’s “boring” or “too old” rather than people being able to look at it with fresh eyes as a sweet, vintage name like Sophia, Emma, and Ella. However, I totally contradict myself b/c I do love Mary Kate. πŸ™‚ I think Mary Kate is my one exception because Kate is more of a modern nickname as opposed to simply using Mary Katherine.

I like these names:

I would name 4 girls out of these:
-Beatrice Elsa Jill
-Lolita Mamie
-Henrietta Shirley
-Cynthia Rosie

Risa [ree-sa], Lola, Hattie, and Thia.

I usually do 2 middles, but I only had enough names that I liked that flowed well to do 2 middles on one name.

I’d consider some of these names, or variants of them, E.g. Dora instead of Dorothy, Lola instead of Lolita, Beatrix rather than Beatrice.

BQ: Love both! I think you prefer Teddy on a girl though, and I like it for a boy, so that’s the only difference.

My suggestions from your list of brilliant names are
Enid Pearl
Dorothy Prudence
Opal Florence
Martha Jean
I love the old names too including
Hilda Therese
Ethel Marie
Gertrude Maud
Gardenia Joan
Myrtle Agatha
Aubretia Mavis
Iris Christine
Orchid Fleur
Gloxinia Kay

Corrie Pearl
Lissie Bell
Elsa Jean
Opal Enid

I do not think I would name any of my girls these names but they are unique and interesting
I am not a big fan of Teddy but I like mary Alice

I’ll do 2 middle names πŸ™‚

Sally Martha Florence
Rosie Cynthia Bell
Betsy Cleo Eulalie
Elsa Lolita Kitty


I love Teddy πŸ™‚ Mary Alice is nice.

Elsa Kitty.
Bell Martha.
Cleo Rosie.
Lissie Beatrice.

I don’t like Teddy, and I don’t mind Mary Alice.

Pearl Jean
Cleo Bell
Prudence Mary
Johnnie Louise.

Rosie Pearl
Bell Florence
Tessie Pauline
Corrie Martha

I would definitely consider Corrie for a girl. I do love Rosie, and Tessie but I would use them as nicknames for Rosalie or Roselyn and Tessa, Tess, Therese, or Theresa. I like Bell but I would spell it Belle.

I have to say Teddy and Mary Alice are not my style of names.

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