Why are people who hate gays gutless cowards but think they are better than everyone else?


Someone breaks the law harassing Prop 8 supporters, then there are remedies in civil and criminal law. I predict that will be what the court will say in rejecting this frivolous lawsuit to keep Prop 8 supporters anonymous.


Are you kidding me? People are worried about keeping their jobs and feeding their families right now. Your little cause is way down the list of priorities. BASICALLY WHO GIVES A RAT’S AZZ ABOUT YOUR LITTLE CAUSE RIGHT NOW? Certainly not me.

If they wanted to remain anonymous, they should have stayed in the closet, I do not support homosexuals, they can do what they want in private, just don’t flaunt it in public and expect people to agree with the lifestyle.
They aren’t the ones who have to go home and explain to small children why that guy was kissing the other guy, or why that woman was hugging the other woman.
I don’t agree with harassing gays, just like child molesters or sexual offenders should be harassed, but they need to understand that there are boundaries that straight people are going to have and they need to abide by those.
The lawsuits are nothing than flexing and posing on the one side of the suit, trying to get the other side to cave in and drop their side of the suit, it happens all the time in lawsuits such as these.

I had a pal like that. while ever her associates went out of city then she might call me. I additionally had no associates besides. I took a deep seem at my life..and found out that fellowship comes interior of..It does no longer count who’s regular or prettiest or cutest in college. it truly is who’s there for you each and every of the time..it truly is what you and that they could desire to grant interior of – start up assisting others- volunteering. this might make you experience super and additionally you will additionally meet some cool human beings besides. So don’t be stricken approximately this buddy -i be responsive to it truly is confusing- yet you have lots to grant. in spite of everything they may be exceptionally and regular on the outdoors even though it truly is whats on the interior that make a individual a sturdy buddy. sturdy success

apparently no one can behave their age rather than their shoes size its not just that people are getting boycotted on either side people are receiving death threats against them and their families on both side its ridiculous i think business should still be shown to the public what they support because to boycott a business thats the american way why not but not individuals names when people and their families are being threatened with physical harm thats going to far i guess i just dont like it when things start resulting in violence that and this country is becoming more and more tolerant of diffrent lifestyles every year so to start reacting in violence now is gonna make the country take a step back

Well, hey, how about that. Just like the sucker wives that follow their lawyers out to the dump and toss in their husbands – the more lawsuits that gays create the more they will get their way. They may not pick up on the “cash cow” method until I wake them up to it, but eventually they will get wind of it…

Yippee! Go rich class legal industry! We don’t need families, anyway…

While i disagree with Gay marriage. From my personal beliefs, Jesus drew in the sand and asked the accusers to cast the first stone against that prostitute but only if they themselves had never sinned. I think Jesus will welcome gays but offer a solution! from then, free will comes into play.

My point is disagree but don’t marginalize them.

In the words of alot of the Obama supporters on this forum-

You lost- get over it!!

I don’t think they are better than any people but they are better than gays

you just called gays gutless cowards.

This is in elections, WHY?

Send your rant to Rosie and Ellen.

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