Why Can’t most European Cars Come Overseas?

I see that most european cars that come over to north america are all luxury brands (with the exception of volkswagon) there are no car brands like Renault, Alfa Romeo,Peugeot, etc. that sell here. Is it because the cars dont meet standards in North America or is it because the car companies dont have enough…

The Euro IV and V emissions standards are actually higher than the DoT standards, so this is not and issue. Also, European cars through NCAP go through a far more rigorous crash testing program than cars built for the US market.

The real reason appears to be a profit reason. The truth is as evidenced by the quality of the Ford Focus in North America (which is poor compared to the European version) is that the American market demands both cheaper cars and a cheaper quality of product. The margin for quality European cars simply doesn’t exist for the lower end of the market.
In fact, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi already realise this and produce a lesser quality standard of car for North America than they do for Europe.

The other reason appears to be prejudice. Even something like the Pontiac GTO and G8 which were built in Australia but sold with an American badge, weren’t marketed all that hard because Americans would rather but a crappier American product than a far better Australian, European or Japanese produced product.

Renault, Alfa, and Peugeot were all sold in the U.S. in the 70’s and 80’s. They all left the North American market in shame because their cars were suffered from god-awful reliability. When it comes to cars Americans don’t forget and forgive. This is also the reason why diesel cars never became popular hear. In the mid-late 70’s and early 80’s several companies tried to market diesel cars here, and the were all slow, smelly, and belched out black smoke. This didn’t go over well at all with the American consumer. Of course modern diesels are much, much better, but they are still avoided like the plague in the U.S. because people still have nightmares about earlier diesels. The same holds true for Renault, Alfa Romeo, and Peugeot cars.

Because they would probably jeopardize the local car market, and American car sellers would do even worse than now. Also, promoting buying news cars and establishing new brands in such a big market as the American is very costly and not necessarily a good idea in this economy. Europeans probably also think than Americans would rather get an American car than a European one.

Can’t pass DOT and emissions standards, and if they did, it would be an expensive outlay versus profit. However Alfa is due back sometime in 2011.

safety and emissions are 2 reasons , renault and peugeot failed miserably the last time they were here.

American’s are too close-minded to buy diesels.

They would simply lose money.


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