Why did jesus change the name of simon to peter?

Why did jesus christ change the name of simon to peter?

Peter means rock. After Jesus’ death and the apostles started to preach the Gospel with him, Peter became rock-like in his preaching. He was firm and solid in his preaching. Just read the first couple chapters of Acts. Wow, he was a machine.

Some think it means that the church was built on him. But, Jesus said that he himself (Jesus) was the cornerstone that people rejected. (Mat 21:42) Christ didn’t build Christianity on Peter. It would be called Peteranity if that were the case.

It is simply used to distinguish him from any other Peter or Simon and to recognize the before/after the name change that this is the same person. Jesus did change his name from Simon to Peter so you have to think of it more as Simon—>Peter rather than a full name.

This apostle of Jesus Christ is named in five different ways in the Scriptures: by the Hebrew “Symeon,” the Greek “Simon” (from a Heb. root meaning “hear; listen”), “Peter” (a Gr. name he alone bears in the Scriptures), its Semitic equivalent “Cephas” (perhaps related to the Heb. ke·phim′ [rocks] used at Job 30:6; Jer 4:29), and the combination “Simon Peter.”—Ac 15:14; Mt 10:2; 16:16; Joh 1:42.

Peter was one of the earliest of Jesus’ disciples, being led to Jesus by Andrew, a disciple of John the Baptizer. (Joh 1:35-42) At this time Jesus gave him the name Cephas (Peter) (Joh 1:42; Mr 3:16), and the name was likely prophetic. Jesus, who was able to discern that Nathanael was a man “in whom there is no deceit,” could also discern Peter’s makeup. Peter, indeed, displayed rocklike qualities, especially after Jesus’ death and resurrection, becoming a strengthening influence on his fellow Christians.—Joh 1:47, 48; 2:25; Lu 22:32.

Because Peter means ‘Rock.’ Because Simon was the first disciple to recognize the Lord Jesus as the Messiah, Our Lord Changed Simon’s name to Peter to show his Rock-solid faith.

St. Peter was the leader of the early Christian Church. The Papacy can be traced all the way to him.

Changing someone’s name signifies a role of great importance.

For example,

Abram (high father) became Abraham (father of a multitude)
Sara (my princess) became Sarah (mother of nations)
Jacob (supplanter) became Israel (having power with God)
Simon (God has heard) became Peter (rock)

Name changes are God’s way of filling us in on the divine plan he has for someone.

People interpret this part of scripture very loosely, but Jesus was definately demonstrating that Simon had a role of great importance. Papal, maybe?

Jesus did not changed Simon name into Peter but into Cephas , , Cephas means rock ,the Greek translate it into Petros means rock and American and European changed it into Peter ,hope you get the answer ,thanks for your question

It’s a joke. Notice that after jesus said that, he said “on this rock I will build my church”. In the original Greek, the word for rock is “petros”.

To give you a better feel for this, imagine that in Matthew 16:18 jesus said “I also say to you that you are Rocky, and upon this rock I will build My church”

It’s about the only example of a pun in the bible!

Hebrew “Symeon,” the Greek “Simon” (from a Heb. root meaning “hear; listen”), “Peter” (a Gr. name he alone bears in the Scriptures), its Semitic equivalent “Cephas” (perhaps related to the Heb. ke‧phim′ [rocks]

Because “Peter” means “Rock” in Greek, setting up the famopus line “On this Rock I will build my Church.” Peter then went on to be the first pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

Because if he didn’t then the publishers of the book “The Peter Principle” would have to spend a fortune changing the title of the book.

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