Why is it that every time a Liberal takes a stand on any issue, it defies common logic?

For example:


Why do liberals support Democrat candidates that want to raise taxes? I mean, doesn’t it defy common logic that if people have less to spend, then that will generate less money for the Feds? Doesn’t it also suggest the notion that in that support, a Democrat, or a liberal, does not trust…

A little lengthy, but couldn’t agree more.

And why is it the only area liberals can excel in is academia?

It’s like Al Gore. He’s taken climate change on as his signature issue.

He knows me and used to send me Christmas cards. So that’s just a little background info.

I’ve invited him to a public debate before a live audience complete with mainstream media. To debate with me on the merits of climate change and global warming.

He never wants to show up because he knows he would lose that debate hands down. Liberalism is simply a psychological disorder. They want to spout off things but when it’s time to face the light they run like cockroaches.

It is not that it defies common logic, frankly logic is not common. It is mathematical so it is pretty matter of fact. I think your understanding is limited and you are not understanding the argument put forth. There are a lot of paradoxes that are difficult to comprehend.

We need people to do slave labor and illegal aliens are willing to do that slave labor without complaint but their illegal so we need to throw them out. Our Economy needs them but we need to get rid of them. Paradox

My favorite paradox, Abortion is murder so we will have the government force all those who are pregnant to conceive and then to devote public funds to raise their unwanted children, give them medical treatment, feed them, and educate them is wrong. So have the child and then starve it, let it get sick, and bath it in ignorance. Oh yeah and the government, in that case, telling you how to live your life is okay.

Your comments on education are superficial. Yes it is true, standards have been lowered compared to the 1950s but the most productive American students have very high living standards and they are involved with very important jobs.

These are loaded questions. If you really want honest answers ask them one at a time. But, I don’t think that you really want intelligent answers. This copy and paste job is a statement.

Edit > I’ll take your word that you didn’t copy and paste. However. I stand by the rest of my response.

Libs’ world view is based on emotion and “feeling”… facts simply screw with their brains, otherwise they NEVER would have voted for Barry, the inexperienced, amateur, teleprompter reading, empty suited South Chicago ACORN community organizer thug.

If it wasn’t for Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the teachings of Lenin, Marx and Che, they’d be totally lost.

Well the answer is obvious, liberals don’t think. They aren’t logical. They only get to office by lying, telling half-truths, preying on the fear of the masses, and saying they will solve the problem by ways that will make it worse.

If Liberal proposals go against common logic, then common logic is the illogical kind that Rush etc use…

I don’t know why.
Do they even know why?
I think that if we did know why, and could all rationally discuss all of these issues, maybe we could actually accomplish something good for this country.
But I agree with each of your points.

Because common logic is for common folks not educated ones.


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