Your Resolved Question: Why does my ex always come to me with his problems?

We broke up due to distance about 2 or 3 months ago, well, he did… But he wasn’t just a boyfriend he was a best friend and a brother. So I live 1200 miles away and he contacts every day. For most days we just talk about our days and funny moments in our relaionship. Some days he pours his problems out to me…

Your relationship is still intimate even though there may not be any more sexual encounters. If you are trying to get this man out of your heart, this is not the path to pursue.

He does it because he sees you as just a HE was the one who broke it off. YOU still have your heart strings attached and as I said..this will not help you get to where he is in this relationship.

If he was your best friend/brother and if he broke up with you he thinks the two of you are best friends/very very close
Either that or he simply friend zoned you

Because he finds comfort from you. Apparently you feel for him as well. Sounds like a very close, comfortable relationship. Perhaps you both need to reconsider where you both are, and what it is you both would like in life……..♥♥

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That’s what best friends do.

Because you let him

he still loves you and trusts you.

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