Do you have Muslim friends?

Are they friendly or scary? What do you think of us?

Yes, I do have Muslim friends and I am Muslim. They are friendly and they don’t hate Americans. Muslims are just use to the humble lives and to see the luxury here amazes them. I am Muslim, born and raised in the US, I look like everyone else except for my headscarf, I have Christian and Jewish friends, but I like them for who they are, not from the religion status. My friends and I like the same things and do the same things. Muslims are just like everyone else, but the females just wear headscarves. Muslims are just human beings from another religion, just like Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity.

We do as a family have friends from Iran and Kuwait.
From Iran he was my professor for calculus in college and known by our family for years.
From Kuwait their daughter goes to the same school as my nephew, and they are wonderful.

But I am not in fear of befriending an educated Muslim.
Radicals, unless you are talking math. as in radical numbers, I would avoid at all costs, be they Muslim, Christian, Jewish, etc. Even orthodox or evangelicals give me pause.
Life is complicated enough without inviting crazy people into your circle of friends..

i dont really have any Muslim friends, thats not because im racist or what ever, its just because there is not a very high muticultureal society in the part of the country i am from and have not really come across any. i have met a couple but only older people they seem friendly and approachable. ii have herd bad things but think it is just a stereotype as i think it depends on the person not the race or religion you have bad and good in all society no matter what your differences are.

Yes I’m Muslim and I have lots of Muslim sisters for friends on YIM. However as to real life no.

Yes I have many Muslim friends. Well there’s no ‘us’ if you must ask.. I mean, we’re all the same. We eat food, breathe air, drink water.. We do almost the same things. So don’t define it that way.. Muslims or not, we are all people..


And can be great friends too yah..

Yes i do have Muslim friends…they are so nice. I’m a Christian and also my aunt converted to Islam so I’m very comfortable with Muslims

My best friend was born and raised in the US. She’s Muslim. Her father is an imam.
She’s like my sister.

I don’t make sweeping generalizations based on one person or family though.

There were Muslim girls at my school and they were just like everyone else…like the same things everyone else did, listened to the same music…

You shouldn’t be scared of thenm the chances are they were born in your country and don’t agree with what is going on in the world…try talking to a Muslim person…they shouldn’t be treated like outsiders.

i am muslim myself …. i have many muslim friends …. but i like to mix with different people …. i dont like to just stick 2 one catogary of people …. so i have friends that are non muslims as well… overall all my friends are friendly … i respect wat they believe in and they do the same to me …..

wat kind of person would call their friends scary….hell no…. i havent come across a scary friend before …. except u …LOL

I have a friend who is Muslim. His skin is really white though. Mainly because his dad who is pure brown, had children with a French woman. Him, and his two sisters are all Muslim but really white. Anyways, his dad is really hard on him with studies. SO he talks a lot of crap about beating me in all the courses. He never does and it can sometimes get annoying. He gets angry too easily also. But as long as you don’t make fun of his crazy family or abnormally white skin for a Muslim, he’s alright.

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