Does the gop keep saying that obama has done nothing?…

I am amused by the massive denial of the cons on here. They will deny everything that he has done. They insist the economy is in the tank when it’s massively improved and would be even better if not for the GOP obstructionism creating the do nothing congress.They have blocked all bills that would create jobs (including their own vet jobs bill), all to try to keep Obama from being re-elected. They dont’ care that they screwed over the country in the process.

When Bush was in charge in late 2008, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. Now we are growing about 100,000 or more jobs a month. That’s a net improvement of almost a million jobs.

The Dow is almost double.

Corporate profits are at record highs. The reason we don’t have more jobs is because they keep sending them (and their money) overseas and the GOP refuse to create any laws rewarding corporations for returning jobs permanently to this country or penalizing those who send jobs out.

Housing starts are up. Housing values are up.

There’s a whole lot more at the link below.

Presidential scholars have rated Obama as the 15th BEST president and Bush as the 5th from the bottom. BUt they still want to return to GW policies.

But the cons don’t want facts and reality. They just want to insist the black guy is a lazy no nothing racist because they are racist.

He hasn’t executed “no longer something”. of path he’s been working for the previous 4 years! yet, what they propose via this is that he has executed no longer something to strengthen our u . s ., this is genuine. Obama hasn’t fastened well being care, the national dept nevertheless will strengthen daily, and now he’s attempting to strip us of our Constitutional rights. Like many others till now him, he hasn’t been waiting to “fix” our u . s .. even with the shown fact that, on the cost he’s going he’s going to make his call interior the historical past books as between the worst presidents of the U. S.. And this is coming from a guy who voted for him 6 months in the past.…

I believe even Obama is seeing the error that was the affordable health care bill. He is already talking about major reforms to it to include employees paying taxes on employer provided health insurance or he may completely redo it to be more like Medicare which he is also going to reform.

Dodd Frank has made credit so tight that small businesses are unable to get the loans they need. Obama wants to set aside $30 billion for small business loans. Gee, why have banks???? Also derivatives have not been regulated. We could still face the same kind of crash we experienced in 2008. Also the regulation stating the amount of capital banks must keep on hand are slowing but surely putting small banks out of business. At some point, we will be left with only the big institutions by design.

The toxic debt is now directly guaranteed by tax payers resulting from QE3 which is printing $45 billion per month for easy credit loans to boost the housing market.

Reversed torture? Now he just kills them with drone attacks and takes out innocent women and children in the process. You see this as better?

You didn’t mention cash for clunkers at $4500 each at tax payer expense for 630,000 vehicles sold. Instead of recycling the trade in’s, he shredded them adding tons and tons of waste to land fills and wasting tons of recyclable metals, etc. It also removed many good cars that people who couldn’t afford new vehicles could have purchased or bought parts at a reduced price. All in all a really stupid idea. He also illegally restructured GM by not following existing contracts costing many people their pensions among other things. Nationalizing GM and Chrysler was completely unnecessary. He should have let them go through the normal bankruptcy process and made them guaranteed loans instead of meddling into areas in which he knew nothing about.

Libya. He failed to provide security or remove our US ambassador and other citizens from the Libya knowing they could not provide the needed security while the Red Cross and UK had already left due to the present danger.

14. Destroyed America!

Obama has done absolutely nothing at all> others have and he simply takes credit as equally he blames others for his non actions. He didnt kill Bin Laden and hes not dead as per before-after pics show 2 distinct different guys but poorly passed off as one and the same, so dont give Obama credit where he has earned none

Obama has dragged us through hell, thanks to health care reform an autistic person like me will be left to die if I ever need surgery.

No, they say that he is actively destroying the USA. So he is doing a lot.

I think you are confused. I am hard conservative and I HATE all the things you describe. I think he has DONE TOO MUCH to bring down the quality of American values and exceptionalism.

He has. Other than Bin Ladin, hes made everything worse.

Yes, Obama is doing nothing and if he isn’t stopped, he will destroy America!

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