Girlfriend calling boyfriend an idiot??

Is it okay for girlfriends to call their boyfriends idiots and vice versa if its in a playful way?

Many a true word is said in idle jest


Would you call your parents idiots?
Would you call your children idiots?

Why is it okay to call your boyfriend an idiot – even if it’s just in a playful way?

I think it’s the most stupid thing anyone can do – under the disguise of being “playful” – is to call each other a name that is demeaning and degrading to the one receiving that comment. Its downplays that person’s ability to reason and also that person’s intelligence.
Either you’re saying it to be sneaky and really mean it, or you’re saying it to make fun of people who are less intelligent than you and reinforcing that act and behavior by labeling each other this by what you do in a mocking jest and joke.

I don’t approve of it, and by your asking this question – I think your boyfriend didn’t either. It IS disrespectful, and it makes any other “serious” word, not serious – and the excuse would then be, “It’s just to be playful / It’s just for fun.” How unfair would that be? Not everything is fun and games.

for me, I don’t think its a healthy way for a relationship to call your gf or bf an idiot, even though its just a joke. When you use the term idiot, your disrespecting the other persons’ perception towards to what he or she has to say. It may not bad but certainly not good, and mostly it crack the ego of one who can hear it. I would suggest to use a kind of term that if not sweet, but not degrading other person just to show an opposite care.

Calling each other names is hurtful, playful or not. It’s attacking the character of the person. It shows a lack of respect. Respect is very important in relationships.

Because their parents and peers tell them to. Any guy they choose on their own, they humiliate them in front of parents and peers.

yes of course its just a fun thing to do with each and most people do it >.< but make sure it has some kind of playful tone and and not like :” YOU DAMN IDIOT!!!!!!!!”

If the playfulness is clear

as long as you both know you’re messing around then sure but make sure you say “i’m only teasing, or joking” at the end otherwise it could cause some hurting

Yes it ok but be careful how you say things and what you say, people take offence to many things.

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