I kinda crashed my dads car?

Today my dad lend my his car to go watch a movie with some friends. When i got back home i parked on the wrong spot (we live in a building and each apt has its own spot) and while going in reverse i smashed the car into my dads truck (he has two cars) the truck just got a little scratch but the other car has a…

It’ll only make it worse if you let him find it for yourself. If I were you, I would wake up at that time tomorrow and tell him. Say it was an accident and that you are very sorry. I mean, he’s obviously going to be mad, but he shouldn’t be as mad if you’re the one to tell him.
Have a good night! Good luck!

I dont have self assurance this, I truly ought to paintings so tricky to pay for a porsche, and some 15 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous receives to excitement experience in a unmarried with minimum attempt. Sigh. After he whups you, enable me recognize if he needs to eliminate it, i will purchase it as is. Oh and if the door wont close, you’ve damaged both the kind of the door, the A pillar, or the door positioned up, both way its not cheap to fix.

You should wake him and tell him now. He’s probably going to have to call the insurance company and they like to be called right away. Waiting until tomorrow will just cost you a night’s sleep anyway. Get it over with.


oh ‘ girl , your really gonna get from you daddy “

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