My 2000 VW Beetle wont shift into any gear, it pops right out, what could be wrong?

My car is a 5-speed and i have only had it for 2 months, every time i put it into a gear it pops right out and wont work. my car cranks fine. what could be wrong with it, and how much would it be to get it fixed?

5 speed what stick or automatic? since you cannot drive it you need to call the tow truck tomorrow. good luck things happen to used cars, did it go in for a mechanical inspection BEFORE YOU BOUGHT IT OR NOT? good luck hope it works out ok

You need to take the car to a transmission shop and get it checked out. Sit down before you read the estimate.

sounds like transmission problems to me. I’m no mechanic but on a 12 year old car I’d not be surprised..

Sounds like worn selectors

i think it is transmission problem. did you buy it in a dealer or where you bought it did they give you warranty? if they did i suggest you to take it back. to have them take a look at it..

sounds like you burned your clutch.

Probally your clutch…

it’s all obama’s fault

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