Totes 4 school..!?!?

Are totes going to be popular this fall..backpacks or totes 4 high school… I think backpacks would hold more things but totes would be cute…opions..<333

I used a nice sized tote for my last year of highschool, but thats only because I had an easy locker to get to. Since you won’t have lockers, it’s all going to depend on how many books and notebooks you have to carry around. If I had had to carry all of my books with me the whole day, I would have gone with a backpack. You can find some really cute ones with great patterns at

Totes definitely, it’s understandable that backpacks do hold more but thats what lockers are for 🙂 Tote’s are definitely in for high school backpacks, especially the Juicy Couture ones

I would most definetly go with the tote. They are so cute! I got a cute one in Ireland, and I also have one from Target. Anyway, people don’t really carry backpacks in highschool. Yeah, they carry a lot of stuff, but hey, now you get a locker! And backpacks get heavy, and don’t come in cute prints!


well, I am not in school, but, I used to be…and I would take night school at jr colleges…I would see women of all ages into cute backpacks..some into huge totes…it really depends on who you are and what YOUR style is…also, if you are “comfy” or “Uncomfy” because I happen to think that being comfortable is key here also!
I use both…I love huge totes…to carry things in ..but, I also love backpack purses…I like those…because they are simple..and I don’t have to be “weighed” down all of the time..but, by the same token, I like huge totes because you can carry certain items in them, that you cannot carry in the small backpacks…etc…this is what you might want to think about…or just have both..and alternate…as many people do,,,including me!

Goodluck in choosing!&Have fun in school!

A tote for sure! This patent tote is sturdy and fashionable:…

Also, try sites with inexpensive totes like and

I also featured a fabulous yellow bag on my site at:

to me, i think totes would be more in. the majority of people in my school use totes for bags. it’s true that backpacks would hold more. but think first about how much stuff you will be bringing each day. there are also some larger totes you can buy. check on sites like
they have a ton of cute totes with a $20-$35



they large totes i own 1 i fit every thing in there is not even funny plus backpacks remind me of ninja turtles

This same question is asked diverse situations on a daily basis. attempt looking up the numerous older questions for some techniques. we don’t comprehend your form, so how can we submit bags? they had merely be bags we theory have been stunning, and could possibly be bags you hate. once you’re searching for some rather stunning ones attempt objective or maybe Walmart. they have numerous stunning bags and that they are much less high priced so so you might purchase some to examine diverse clothing.

yea bookbags are more for guys or people that play sports totes are more for girls and that have makeup and other stuff in that bulcky bag so if ur a girl id pick totes if ir a athleth or boy pick bookbags 🙂

totes all the way, they are chic and totally affordable and !!! you can jazz them up anyway you want with pins, patterns and they are really easy to carry books to class with

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