18 Year old girl dating 50 year old man?

I went to high school with a girl who is now dating a man who is 50, if not older. It absolutely disgusts me, and I was just wondering if there’s anything illegal about it?

The only way that it would be illegal, that I know of, is if she was a minor. But at 18, its completely legal.

People may call the guy a “dirty old man” or “cradle snatcher”, or many other names people use for a guy of that age being with a young girl, but no, its not illegal, the girl is past the age of consent, and at 18 is considered adult. A huge age gap usually bothers other people more than it does the two people involved, and you cant help who you fall in love with, 18 or 80 makes no difference to you if you love someone, unless she is just looking for a “sugar daddy”, I guess a guy of that age could offer her more in the way of stability, than a guy of 18, but for all you know they could actually just be in love, in which case, age is just a number, feelings are more important.

It’s not illegal so long as they weren’t having a sexual relationship when was younger than 18, although that of course depends on the jurisdiction they’re in.
It does seem wrong, but in the eyes of the law it’s all above board so there’s nothing that can be done.

In my country it is illegal to be together with people with an age of 20+ above you age or -20 under your age, search on google for the laws of your country and try to see if there´s anything illegal about it! You´re totally right this is pretty nasty, and probably only about money..

Why not? My brother is 51 dating a very cute 19 y.o. I don’t particularly find it gross — they seem great together. You can’t tell me that love imposes age boundaries. It’s not about money because he’s not rich. But he is fun and has a great sense of humor.

Perfectly legal nothing wrong with that as long as they are both over 18 it’s perfectly ok, it just happens to look revolting LMAO! But by law it’s acceptable.

as long as she’s 18 or over nothings wrong with it. but that is the most disgusting thing i’ve ever heard.

No, she’s probably dating him for money. She’s 18 and its legal.

that’s just sick, nasty and wrong all mixed into one bowl of grossness but it’s legal if she was 16 or under that would be a different story. but still eww

Nothing illegal but ewwwwww

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