Do you ever check back on the questions you’ve already answered to see if people have “thumbed it up”?

good morning. & i should be sleeping right now. curse you Yahoo Answers, you finger-licking-deliciousness website.


hell no for i dont take constructive critism well and i feel TD and TU are a form of that heck i still got lil papers from when i took a communications class like 2 yrs ago and every other wk we had speeches to do including a final that consited of a improve we had to pick a # and the teacher read out the topic and we had 2min to make a 5 min speech about it and i mean they were stupid things like whats ur fav number. 5min to explain that? wtf or how do u eat ur oreos ffs y the hell do i wanna kno how somone eats theirs. i got if i could bring someone back to life who would it b and what would i ask them lol. well my classmates had to write things about my perfomance for all the speeches and when u were done they would hand u the papers and u were suppose to read em and try and improve but screw that i just tossed them in my back pack where they still remain i dont wanna read them cuz what if they say something bad? 🙁

YA may b over the internt and u really shouldnt care what others sittin somehwere on another side of a computer what they say but i just cant deal with it so when i answer a Q thats that i dont come back. Enjoy the rest of ur night and have a great upcommin thursday. i should b gettin shut eye aswell even tho i plan on skippin school tommorw but only to study 🙂

Yeah, yet i’m getting kind of unhappy if i’m waiting for a thumbs up and that i’m getting a thumbs down. 🙁 although now and again even as each and every human being who responded has a minimum of one thumbs down i imagine some fool has perchance in simple terms achieved that to each and each and every answer in which case I cheer up slightly 😀 Hehe I might want to really stop letting Y!A impact me a lot…

Yes. And if I get thumbs down, I always say to myself, “IT WAS BATMAN.” And then I call him up and tell him to get the hell off of Y!A and to stop making multiple accounts and thumbsing me down. I gave a speech to him once about being passive-aggressive and how it isn’t good for mental health and how he should really get some help, and that I knew of this lovely doctor I could refer him to, Dr. Jonathan Crane, and that I’m sure it could help him release some of those pent up emotions of his.
He hung up on me.


Yes, sometimes I do 😀 It’s nice to go back to a question I’ve answered a see that someone has given me a thumbs up.

Yeah, cause my self esteem is really low, so I need to know that other people agree with what I say </3


Good morning 🙂 Yea, it’s sometimes addictive over here!
I do check sometimes.

haha yes all the time, and then if someone thumbs me down i thumbs down all the other comments lol

Only If i have said something smart.

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