How do you feel about same sex marriages?

I dont have a problem with same sex marriages, however I am confused on how it can be denied but then allow a woman who had a sex change to become a man, who then married a woman!!!??
Ok, all of this publicity about the “man” that is pregnant. he is NOT a man, She is a woman who had her breasts removed….

So, if HE didn’t have his reproductive organs, and couldn’t carry a child, you would have no difficulty accepting that HE’s a man?
By that logic, HIS wife (who has had a hysterectomy) must be a man, because she doesn’t have her reproductive organs…so their marriage is not a ‘same-sex marriage’ at all.

See how ridiculous your argument is?

Thomas Beattie is a MAN who was born transsexual, not “a woman who had a sex change to become a man” .
He had begun treatment for that congenital condition, but chose to interrupt treatment in order to use the organs that he was born with to carry the child his wife couldn’t carry. That’s a noble and very loving thing for a man to do.
And one that doesn’t impact on YOU at all, so why are you so bothered by it?

I think the term marriage should be removed from legal language. Domestic contracts should be the law of the land for everyone regardless of gender. If you choose to make a life and home with another person, whether you are having a sexual relationship or not, should be perfectly legal nationwide. As long as children are raised in a safe, loving, happy environment, it doesn’t matter what they call their parents as long as it’s respectful.

As for the man who is having a baby for their family, more power to him. For a transgendered person in a permanent relationship, this is a wonderful way to get a child in the family without going through adoption – have your children first before getting the final surgery. I say “you go, mister!”

It is same sex marriage and when we heard about this my girlfriend and I were a tad bit confused and angry because many transgender people go through a whole lot to get rights but it doesnt seem right that in many states, a transgender person has to have both top and bottom surgery to be considered male and she could do this and be considered a male. It doesnt seem fair does it? Now if only everyone could see how unfair not allowing gay marriage is, we would all be okay. i also dont think its fair to all the transgender people who have emotionally and physically transitioned and are still discriminated against every day.

I think that state has to get out of religion issues.
marriage is a religious ceremony, and if religion does not approve than no there should be no gay marriage.
however.. if two men or two women want to live together and file their tax returns together and get insurance together as though they are “married” than who the heck cares.
it’s called civil union, and there is no reason that anyone should be against that. because that way it would not be about religion.
if the gay people could just find a way to fight for civil union and explain they want nothing to do with religion than i think they’d have a much much much better chance at making it happen.

I know, I was all excited to watch the Oprah show about that person… only to find out he was still “technically” a woman, but “legally” a man… aside from that I do agree, however, with same sex marriage. I believe that if you love someone, you love someone… regardless of their gender.

He is a male, to her. And is probably recognized as a male now. due to the breast being removed. its part of a sex change. he is what i consider trans-genered. But that’s probably not what he thinks or feels.
I belive in same sex marriage but its Bush that has put a federal ban on same sex marriage. Bastard he is. Its bringing the church in to state or government, in my opinion. No its not same sex as he is considered male.
when you get operations and take hormones to become a different sex you are considered the sex you want to become after getting surgery.

I’m neither for or against gay marriage, but indifferent about it.

As for the “pregnant man”, I honestly find the whole thing just awful. I guess I’m a little more conventional compared with others in my age group.

Dont let it worry your pretty little head.

You’ll never get a proper answer. Its just one of those things. Move on and think about something important….

He is technically a man, even though he doesn’t have a artificial penis (yet).

I think it is their business and allowing the “so-called” pregnant man to marry woman is discriminatory and stupid.

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