I am english and i hate andy murray. have you fallen 4 the lies that he likes the english?

He might be scottish and not like the english but at least he’s british.

Well the majority of people in England with even a slight bit of intelligence don’t hate him. The ‘banterish’ ‘hatred’ of him is becuase he is Scottish. To most people in England it does not extend beyond jovial. That said, his attitude IS slightly bad, take for example, the shot under the leg he did the other day, whilst playing Tsonga. You also have to remember that the Tennis audience is a completely different demographic to most sports and thus, when reckless behavior is admired in other situations, it may not be here. He just seems to have a chip on his shoulder the whole time, and it leaves him open to banter from English fans. Tim Henman was ridiculed for years for not getting passed any semi finals.

Hate is a strong word. You don’t even know the guy you lame brained idiot. You have fallen into the trap the media have set for you.

In fact it’s attitudes like yours that simply cause trouble. Do you know about 430,000 English people live in Scotland. Quite alot considering there are only 5 million people there. Based on that quite a few of your fellow english nationals must not mind Scotland and the Scottish people that much.

i dislike you and some of your other yahoo “mates”. unless your at it trying to wind folk up then you should really go and live on some lonely island or join the taliban as you wouldnt look out of place with your prehistoric views on people and life. it has since came to light murray made the english football joke to tim henman and des kelly who later jumped on the chance of a sensationalist piece of journalism. you dont have to support the guy but your unreasonable dislike for him is completely misguided.

you know what i can’t stand andy murray due to the fact he doesn’t like the english he laughed at us when we got beat in the world cup i would rather have a Johnny foreigner win wimbledon than a sweaty sock imagine that!christ we would never hear the end of it.OCH WA DOOOMMMED!come on federer

You’re just pi$$ed off that the first Brit to win a Queens in 71 years is a scot and not english. I’m scottish and I like him, he’s got attitude and I’m not anti english, I was happy to see other Brits do well too.
Good on him I say!

If Scotland were in the world cup and England were out would all the english be rooting for the scots? somehow I don’t think so.

hes not anti english , the whole word cup thing was , a joke , coz the person interviewing said who are u gonna support , that Scotland’s not made it too the world cup , soo he said anyone but england ha ha.

grow up u buch of twats!!!! dont u know what a joke is !!
and hes like half english ,cuz his grandmother is! and he has english girl friend!! soo that proves he’s not anti english. SOOO GROW UP AND STOP LIVING IN DA PAST U! IDIOT!!

btw im from england , and im a fan. and any way u should like someone on there game , not ur biased views.

The only haters are the English. They hate the Scots, Irish, Welsh, Aussies, Pakistanis, Polish, French, Germans… it goes on and on.

What odd xenophobic people.

Oi Rico_633! You Gary Glitter. Oi Glitter!

I’m English but there’s something about him i don’t like, i will be supporting Federer this year like every year.

Murray is all hype, he will get beaten in a 5 setter in the quarters of semi’s.

hes soooo overated
WOW HE WINS THE CRAPPY small tournaments

how many grand slams has he won?


no chance to win in my opinion hell be lucky to make the quarter finals

I don’t hate Murray, but he does play boring tennis. Mind you, other than Federer, and Nadal, virtually everyone is boring (except Verdasco and Gonzalez).

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