Im a registered republican and think john mccain doesnt stand a chance in hell to win election?

What do you think . do you think that the only chance he has is people who simply will not vote for a black man?

I don’t mind him being black. I just can’t believe the United States of America may end up being lead by a man with a muslim name Barrack Hussein Obama, a muslim father, and a history of studying in a radical muslim school as a child. And that is just the TIP of the iceberg.

That is kind of a stupid statement…

The election could be between two albino, lesbian, hermaphroditic, half black, half Eskimo, dwarfs and it would have no bearing on my vote.

The color of a persons skin and/or the shape of their genitals has nothing to do with their ability to lead.

Obama is an Empty Suit.

He will be lead around by the nose by his running mate and anyone else that uses enough lube to use him as a puppet and his socialist polices will be the worst thing that can happen to the US.

Do you REALLY want a second Jimmy Carter in office?

An ineffectual person that doesn’t even feel the need to show up to work half the time?

I will Vote McCain because he is the lesser of two evils…

Nothing more, nothing less…

Don’t vote based on polls… Vote with your heart and your head. Look at RECORDS.

Propaganda and a good PR Person can polish any turd presented to a TV camera… It is the HISTORY AND RECORDS that count and nothing more…

And because of THAT research I have done… I would rather not participate in the electoral process then vote for Obama.

The liberals always call the Republicans racists. But have they ever had a black Secretary of State or blacks in as high positions as G. W. Bush? No. The real racists are all the blacks voting for Obama just because he is black. And remember, the Dems are the party with Robert “KKK” Byrd along with the biggest racists in history, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Not at all.

I think the only chance he has is that people will sit down with a calculator and realize that Obama’s 1 trillion dollars of proposed spending (on top of the over one trillion dollars just spent to bail out Fannie & Freddie and Wall Street) while claiming to cut taxes for “95% of the people” (while there are about 30% of Americans who don’t pay taxes to begin with) and realize that the math just does NOT add up.

Or the only chance he has is if people, upon hearing today’s news that a massive terror plot is brewing in England, ask themselves if they want a president who is political allies with someone who did exactly what the 9/11 terrorists did (attack the Pentagon) and did what Timothy McVeigh did (blow up buildings), and what that unrepentant terrorist wants with ANY politician (be it Obama or anyone else) to the extent that he would launch a political career in his living room and knowing that there’s no such thing as a free ride in politics so the terrorist will ask for a favor in return. Or, a man who’s promised he’ll meet with an avowed terrorist who calls us “the great satan” and wants to destroy our only Mideast ally.

Or, the only chance McCain will have is if people ask what kind of politician would vote against protecting babies who survive a botched abortion attempt, choosing instead to let them die, then has the gonads to turn around and accuse our military members of “air raiding villages and killing civilians.”

Perhaps the only chance McCain will have is if people listen to Obama’s friends like Jesse “the Zionists will lose their influence in an Obama presidency” Jackson or Louis “the Jews and their gutter religion” Farrakhan (Farrakhan refers to Obama as “the messiah,” which is a very odd thing for a Muslim to say about a non-Muslim, given Islamic teaching that “the messiah” will be a MUSLIM) or Jeremiah “USKKK of A” “g.d. America” Wright and wonder about this man’s ability to choose friends and if that poor judgment will transfer to poor choices for cabinet members and Supreme Court justices.

A. BULL*HIT. I would LOVE to see your voter’s registration card & party affiliation if you are really OLD ENOUGH to Vote!

Q; do you think that the only chance he has is people who simply will not vote for a black man?
A. I don’t know about those who will only vote for a White guy, that’s not me. BUT I will NEVER vote for a PERSON that:
1. Has NO QUALIFICATIONS in a leadership role.
2. Less than a couple of years of FEDERAL government service while campaigning for the highest job in MY COUNTRY!
3. Thinks that the American people will fall for ENFORCED wealth redistribution based on class envy.
4. Will treat with our enemies that want us DEAD for believing in freedom of religion.
5. cares more about world opinion than about our OWN nation’s needs.

I think he has more than just a slight chance ! I am a proud republican, but this is the only election I have ever seen where I have been afraid to voice publicly my support. There are so many out there like myself (I believe) We have already had a brick through our car window early on in this election for our McCain Bumper sticker and had the word racist written on our car. So we will support where it is important and that is with our VOTE. I believe many of the Obama supporters are going to know the true meaning of “shock and awe” come election day !

Remember the polls in the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush elections. All were down about 5 points a month ahead of time. I don’t believe the polls as I am sure they are slanted and have been for 30 years. Remember Bush was forecast as having lost until about 10:00 p.m. the night of the election on the second time around. Remember Kerry had him beat i all the major States. Did not turn out that way.

I think there is a chance for both candidates. I know some narrow-minded people won’t vote for Obama for the simple fact that he is black, but I don’t think that the amount of people who do that will be large enough to make a difference. He’s pretty popular, but it’s going to be a close race.

The race has been close the whole time. I really want McCain to win, I think he may still have a chance to win, I think that people need to really look at the character of Obama. But perhaps they are all fooled by the lies and crap that he’s fooling some people with. Hopefully, these people will come to their senses very soon.

Wow!! You are a blind and deaf registered republican. You saw the debate but didn’t hear or understood what was going on there. McCain was at his best, he brought up good new points to the table, and I am sure this will help him in the polls.
I’m impressed to see how blind and biased you already are.
I bet you are a democrat in disguise.

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