Im from the US. I will be in UK this July and Amsterdam in August. I want to go to Brussels for a day trip is going from Amsterdam cheaper?

I want to go to Brussels as a day trip I feel Amsterdam would be cheaper to Brussels compared London to Brussels because Amsterdam Is closer to Brussels. I want to leave around 10 in the morning and come back to Amsterdam in late evening. I want to just see Brussels and enjoy as day trip. I am from the US I have…

Why not hit Brussels on your way from the UK to Amsterdam. I’d take the Eurostar from London to Brussels and spend a day there. If you don’t want to spend the night there, then take the train from there to Bruges, Ghent and/or Antwerp which are all great cities. Then you can continue by train from one of those cities to Amsterdam

yes, go to bruges or antwerp instead of brussels..

L-B 2:20; A-B 1:53
The main difference is the Eurotunnel. It’s an attraction in itself.
Cheap train tickets have to be bought at least 3 days before departure. Don’t take the train on Fridays. gives all the relevant links. If you cannot book online, try a travel agency that sells train tickets.

I would go from London, if I were you. Travel time on the Eurostar is about the same as the Thalys time from Amsterdam. Prices are alike and it gives you more options for scheduling.

You can not buy the normal Dutch train tickets online unless you have a Dutch bank account. But you can buy these tickets at the station for just the small fee for using the ticket window and pay by cash.

I agree with the other answers that you will spend a lot of time on the train for the time you will have in Brussels.

If you leave Amsterdam Centraal around 10 AM you reach Brussels around 1 PM, unless you pay extra for the Thalys for which you will need to book.
On weekdays you can leave Amsterdam Centraal 5:52 to get you to Brussels 9:15.
Note, there are extensive rail works on the route and most weekends there are restrictions and delays. Also the earliest trains on the Mondays are affected.

To get back to Amsterdam you will need to leave Brussels Midi at 20:45 so 8:45 PM to reach Amsterdam centraal just after midnight. If you use one of the other Brussels stations the times will be slightly different.

The Thalys will not really help you if you do not want to leave Amsterdam before 10 AM, as it runs about every two hours and there is one at 9:17 (getting you to Brussels midi at 11:08.) If you buy today for travel soon you pay €82, whereas the slower trains will cost you just €19.

Unlike the other answers, I do not suggest Bruges, but Antwerp.
It will cut your travel time and it is a great big city.

The train from Amsterdam to Brussels takes around 3 hours, so if you want to do a day trip you need to leave much earlier than 10am. The Thalys train is much faster but also quite expensive. How long are you in Amsterdam? Perhaps you could do an overnight trip to Brussels.

Thus website explains how to book trains from Amsterdam:……
In my opinion, Bruges is more interesting than Brussels.

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