OMG How do I potty train a 2 and a half year old little girl?

I want to potty train my daughter and she won’t take the potty seat seriously. She carries it around the house and uses it as a step stool. A lot of the other kids at her daycare are already potty trained and they’re her same age. I also want to enroll her in dance class but they have to be potty trained…

have her sit on the potty every half hour. be patient.

Oh, and USE BRIBERY! We used M&Ms. Every time they went potty they got a candy. Poop got them 2! We called it “potty candy.”

good luck – remember, be patient with her.

Your daughter may not be ready. I know that it is easy to compare your child to everyone else’s but all kids develop at their own rate. You don’t want to force her or punish her whatever you do. Learning this new step is a huge milestone in her life and she shouldn’t feel forced or that she is going to get in trouble for having to go to the bathroom. That being said, here are some tips that work great.

First…. invest in buying a peeing doll. Then, starting when you have a weekend or more off and you DON”T plan on going anywhere for any reason. The best way to guarantee success is NOT to leave home during the first few days. Tell her that she has to teach the doll to use the potty like a big girl. keep on it, and when she goes in the bathroom, have her demonstrate for the doll, and then let the doll have a turn. Most kids will start to pee in the toilet first. They still might not feel comfortable having a bm in the toilet so more patience is needed here. Also switch to underware except at night. Pull-Ups can be confusing since they still have the same feel as a diaper. You may have to throw out several pairs..especially as she is getting used to using the toilet for a bm, so make sure they are the cheap ones at first. This should work as it worked with all 3 of my kids! Good Luck!

She is probably not ready I would leave it a few weeks then try again you could try this get her favorite doll and sit it on the potty then put some water in (when she not looking) and make a big fuss of the doll saying look she done a wee wee it sounds silly but she may get the idea also if you get her to sit on the potty that is a good start then you could give her a treat if she does do anything on the potty when I potty trained my girls I gave them a chocolate when they did something on the potty it helped alot Good Luck and remeber all kids do it in there own time.

This happened to my little girl. every time she looks like she has to potty or you notice signs, or even right when shes done eating a meal, take her to the bathroom and sit her there untill she goes. when she carries the potty seat around tell her know and explain maybe put her in time out for a few min. but don’t make a huge deal out of it. she will catch on. after using this method my daughter learned in about 3 weeks

My niece was just potty-trained recently. It’s not going to happen instantly and it is likely that she will get a lot of clothes and sheets dirty. Patience is a significant factor. You really have to stop diapering her and take her to the actual toilet. Again, she is not going to do it right away. A trick that works is if she has ever seen the movie “Finding Nemo,” you can say that she has to pee and “poopy” so that Nemo can eat when it is flush away. Kind of gross but it may work. And psychologically, encouragement such as clapping and cheering will encourage her more. It is called “conditioning.” My niece is a lot better about it now and she goes without asking for help. Good luck and remember, patience. 🙂

use the whole… your a big girl and big girls use the potty.
that usually works… If she even sits on the potty clap your hands and cheer. Even if she doesnt pee. She needs the encouragement. Most of the time kids just want praise from thier parents so praise her whenever she sits on it.. If she does use it once and actually pees, give her a little treat… then once it becomes a habit stop treating…

My little cousins use to get 2 smarties as a treat.

Don’t worry hun she will not be in diapers forever,You have to wait until she is ready,you can’t force her to go.When she does show interest encourage her.My son is 3 1/2 and started potty training a month ago and he is fully potty trained now.

find something she is interested in like reading or music and have her sit on the potty and read or sing and she may find herself sitting there and pottying without realizing she did anything then before you know it she may want to potty all the time. or if she is a girlie girl and hates gross things tell her that its gross to go potty in her panties(diaper) and the she needs to use the potty — or if she likes pretty panties like frills and stuff tell her if she will use the potty she can get some (there are all things that worked with my friends kids their suggestions) i had a boy i through cheerios in the potty and said hit them and he thought that was kewl oh and peeing on trees outside…. GOOD LUCK

Well, have you shown her the new “BIG GIRL PANTIES” she can use instead of the Turkey Butt she’s got on now? How about having her go to the potty with you for a few weeks… these both work well.

Big Girls get to go special places and get Big GIrl Treats on special days… even though it is only Saturday, and you were planing to take her shopping for a dance dress anyway…



All you can do is try, you cannot make her do it. she might learn from the other children at her daycare. My daughter learned a month after her 3rd brithday. I tried everything under the sun, including buying vidoes, nothing worked. When she was ready to be a big girl, then she did it.

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