What is a fair price to put a new radiator into a 2000 VW Beetle GL?

I have been quoted $980 to replace the radiator in my 2000 Beetle GL. The reason given for the cost is that much of the front of the car must be taken apart in order to do the job. I believe this is a quality mechanic based on his yelp reviews but this is the first time I’ve seen him. He is in San Francisco,…

That is a fair price. The way the front of your car is made you need to take off the bumper and the core support to get the radiator out. It takes time to take all that off and put it back on.

I don’t know much about VW’s, but on most cars, the radiator is extremely easy to replace because there’s not a whole lot around it other than the fan and the fan shroud. Hope this helps.

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