Can someone tell me a long German sentence where the verb goes to the end of the sentence?

I need a sentence in German that involves a relative or subordinate clause causing the verb to go to the end of the sentence. Preferably, the meaning of the sentence should be ambiguous until the verb is known.

Ich kann dir nicht sagen, wieviel Zeit dir noch bleibt – aber ich denke, dass du bald eine neue Arbeitsstelle finden wirst.

This is ambiguous => I can’t tell you how much time you still have – but I think, that you will find a new job soon.

If i new the exact sentance you were needing yet in English this would be simple, this may be a little harder considering my age…
it would begin with a subordinate conjunction and will contain both a subject and a verb. This combination of words will not form a complete sentence. It will instead make a reader want additional information to finish the thought.
Here is a list of subordinate conjunctions:
even if
even though
in order that
provided that
rather than
so that
after putting a sentance together email me and i will translate in to German.

Weil ich meine mutti liebe — because i love my mom

or if you use past participle

Ich habe mein Freund in michigan dass ich nie sehen besucht —
i visited my friend in MI. that i never see,
besucht — visit is at the very end.
but if you dont listen to the end of the sentence and get the last verb the entire meaning could change, for instance if i said

Ich habe mein Freund in michigan dass ich nie sehen geschossen
i shot my friend in michigan that i never see.

Heute bin ich mit Tina zur Schule gegangen.
Today I’ve gone to school with Tina.

Gestern hat Tom bei mir angerufen.
Yesterday Tom has called.

Morgen werde ich ein Brot backen.
Tomorrow I’ll bake a bread.

‘We went to confirm a movie on the cinema’… Wir gingen ins Kino, um einen movie zu sehen. ‘i like to stroll to college huge-unfold’… Ich gehe jeden Tag gern zur Schule. ‘i had to tell her’ … ich wollte es ihr sagen

Nach der Schule, habe ich einer Apfel in meinem Haus gegessen.

translation – After school, I ate an apple in my house.

The verb is at the end and the meaning is relatively ambiguous until the verb is revealed at the end.

Aber dass habe ich schon gesagen

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