Do Pisces get mad easily?

My friend told me that Pisces’ get mad easily. I don’t know if i believe her or not. Since I only know like one pisces person i can’t make my own judgment, so help me out. 🙂

Yes ,, But They Calm Down Fast xD!

I agree and disagree. I know a Pisces guy who is a thief, a manipulator, uses people for what he needs and then throws them away, and would probably kill someone if it benefited him. I also have a Pisces ex bf who is just a plain old @sshole. He talks to people like he’s better than them and smarter than them. He thinks the world revolves around him. But he’s not necessarily a BAD person. He doesn’t do evil things or anything. But then I know a few Pisces that are really the essence of how they describe Pisces to be. Shy, creative, dreamy, caring, etc. So I guess it really depends!

It depends on what else is going on in the birth chart. If there is a fiery Mars sign, or if there is a strong Aries influence. A Pisces can easily have a Mercury (mind) in Aries and this could be manifest in someone who shoots off their mouth without thinking. Usually Pisces are long suffering, martyr-like people, so temper comes from somewhere else.

My mom gets mad easily, but she doesn’t think so. But she’s closer to Aries and she has an Aries mars, so that might be the reason. Most of the Pisces i’ve known are only temperamental if they really know the person. If they don’t know you that much, they might drop it faster. But when you’re close to them, they seem to stay mad at you a bit longer.

Pisces get mad at little things and are very cool with big indiscrepancies, thats how odd we are…Like I have waited around 3-4 hours in the cold but I forgave my friend who kept on updating me that he was going to be late every half hour…But if someone did something little which could even be a joke, we can get mad very much…But noone rarely can forgive and forget like a Piscean, sure we may create some drama, but we are very forgiving people…

It is easy to hurt a piscean’s feelings but it takes a lot to get them mad. They bottle the anger in and it erupts all at once like a volcano to an unfortunate person. You don’t want to be the last person to p*ss off a pisces before their anger explodes, you will see RAGE like you have never seen before! 🙂 I took anger management classes and it really helped. I don’t hold it in anymore. If I do not like something, I speak up. When I was younger I would just explode at the last person who put the last straw on the camels back. One thing I noticed was the person I was angry at had the deer in the headlight look. LOL!!

No most of them are to emotional to get mad but I love Pisces it’s really hard not to like them.

no, my best friend is a pisces and she doesnt get mad easily. she’s actually good-tempered. pisces may be emotional ppl, but they totally do not get mad easily.

depends on which sign your mars is in..I get mad easily but the anger doesn’t usually last long 🙂

pisces sun/aquarius mars.

Usually they don’t, well usually they’ll be mad but dont do anything untill they’re pushed over the top.

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