Do you consider yourself a “good” person?

I’m not going to define what a “good person” is, – that is for you to decide.

So are you a good person?



I don’t sometimes. For example I do stuff I know I’m not suppose to be doing but I don’t really care. I hurt people, emotionally, and won’t care until later after the harm is done. And do I do something about it…sometimes. If I can fix my mistake I probably would. I think I can consider myself good, not like a saint or anything like that, but enough to be good. I can’t bare other people’s pain, especially when I was the one that hurt them. Can’t hate somebody that I love, no matter how that person hurt me. So that makes me feel good in some way, if I can’t fix my problems why not help somebody with theirs? I rather help somebody than help myself most of the time. Well that is the way I look at things.

Yes, I’m a good person b/c I give everyone the benefit of a doubt. I don’t judge although the Xian lies are beginning to get to me especially when they rail gay marriage and still can’t get the divorce rate below 10%. What a joke!

Oooops! I think I just judged someone. My bad. But according to the Xians I can ask Jesus for forgiveness and and now I’m sin free! Ahhhh …. that’s better.

Good person? Oh yeah! I try to stand up for the “little guy”. I protect weaker ones from bullies! I go out of my way to help people in need.

I don’t stand in between someone’s happiness by signing petitions to stop their gay wedding after they waited 20 years to have this day come true for them!

I follow the principles of Jesus and live by His example. I follow the Bible and when I’m not sure I understand it, I don’t “take it on faith” I research it and find out FOR SURE what it means.

I gauge my good intentions according to the good karma that comes my way from those actions. The more I am miraculously healed by God and the more Good things that happen to me the MORE I KNOW I am following God’s will.

Wow … this is the FIRST TIME YOU TOLD ME TO be more verbose! You usually like short and sweet! You are becoming a seeker! Or you are asking for depth!

Peace … I like to do the unexpected too!

I’m becoming “normal” and boring, but in my life so far I have been anything but normal, I’ve done a hundred things the average person could never dream of

I try to live up to expectations. I believe and would like to instill the pillars of Hope, Faith, Strength, Honor, Truth and Courage to my young son. If I can do that…yes, I will have been a good person for having passed down values of virtue.

i dont know. in some ways, maybe. im helpful. and im a good listener. people like to vent to me a lot and i always listen to them. people come to me for advise too and i always try to give them the best advice i can think of. but then again, i do a lot of bad things too. im not a very honest person and ill lie to get ahead. im really controlling. i argue with pretty much everybody. i like getting revenge way too much. i usually dont have a problem with betraying a friend if i get something good enough in return… it depends on the friend tho, cuz there’s a couple that i wouldn’t do that to. so, i dont know. i guess, probably not.

Most of the time

Yes I do , and everybody should a A. R. K. Daily ( A Random Act of Kindness)

Yes, I am a good person, because I too have the same energy that God gives us all, so technically that means that WE ALL are good people, regardless of our colour, caste, race, etc. I LOVE THIS WORLD AND ALL ITS PEOPLE!


no… I’m not a good person, I’m sooooooo mean to everyone (like my parents)… but then again I try to help the environment and stop people from fighting with people… ad I try to care so much about people, but I can be sooooooooooo rude sometimes…

Yes, I believe I am a good person.

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