Does the Jewish religion believe that Jesus is what he claimed to be?

How does the Jewish religion view Jesus and his actions differently than Christians? Do they believe he was and imposter, good or bad?

The Jewish religion ahs absolutely no view of Jesus at all. he is completely and utterly irrelevant to Judaism. He is not divine, he is not a prophet, he is not the mashiach, he is not a Rabbi, he is not even viewed as a teacher. As such, Jewish texts don’t mention him since they concentrate on thigns that are relevant to us!

Wow, what a difficult question! If we all knew the answer to this question, the world would have been much less violent over the last 2000 years! I nor any human can prove their answer to this question. All of us, on the other hand, have our opinions.

Some would scoff at this and point to the Bible as proof I have a problem using the Bible as evidence. For nearly 1500 years, the church has written and rewritten these texts. Translations induce variables. And, just as the Jewish (and Roman citizen) Josephus was edited * (by the church), its easy to understand that this was not the only manuscript altered. (*source –…

The church had everything to gain by altering these documents. They had obtained a high social status. The Pope was equally powerful to the King for 1500 years. Their power was based in the Bible. Scribes constantly copied/edited these transcripts.

I (and, according to Paul, the church at Jerusalem also), have problems with the two different genealogies listed by two Apostles.

But there are also inconsistencies regarding Jesus’s final trip to Jerusalem. The text says it was Passover. But the people were waving palms and shouting Hoshana as he entered. He went to a fig tree to get fruit but finds none and curses the tree.

The season is wrong. In October, Jews pack Jerusalem for the holiday of Sukkot. They wave four species of plant (including palm). There is no other reason for Jews in Jerusalem to wave palms. While they are doing this, they are reciting “hoshia na”, from Psalms 118:25. These two pieces fit together but point to October and not Spring time.

But also, what is with the tree? Figs are not in season in the Spring! Why was Jesus surprised to not find figs? The answer is that it was Fall and not Spring.

So why would the church have altered these dates? They wanted to solidify the idea of Jesus being the Pascal Lamb of Passover.

So, to get back to your question, I don’t believe he was an impostor. I believe the church altered the documents for their own interest.

The Jews believe that Jesus was just a man, and a blasphemer at that.

Christians believe that he was and is the son of God (the Messiah that the Jews are still looking for and will one day realize that he was the one they crucified).

We don’t view him. We have our own religion which has been around much, much longer than xianity.
Personally, I feel that at best, he didn’t exist. If he did, he was apparently a rather marginal Jew. Regardless, he does not concern us, nor does xianity,except for when it’s followers redundantly attempt to convert, slander or harass us for sticking to our own truth.

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