Ever Hear Something that just really piss you off? (Anime Related)?

I have recently saw a a question asking which anime is the worst anime a small community said Naruto is the worst anime and then continued to list other famous animes such as bleach, one piece, durarara, sailor moon , dragon ball and so on. so my issue is Why would they openly say these thing if they know the…

Well, those people are elitists. They basically hate on any popular anime just because it’s popular and they think they’re cool for only watching lesser known shows.

1. Oh, I wish it happened 🙂 They’d make a cute couple…<3 2. Ha, that’d be nice, but I don’t think he will. The only possible way I can see Gaara dating in anime/manga is in the very last episode, you know the ones like ‘this is what happened after 10years’ or so. It’d be nice if when the Konoha is saved, “The Evil” is gotten rid of, they’d show an episode like that… Maybe Gaara would already be mariied… 3. Haven’t seen the anime. 4. He’s cool 🙂 5. The old ones. I hate the ‘old school’ anime drawing style >.< 6. never heard about that anime o.o 7. Haha, that’s a good one xD Maybe she won’t breast feed then, she can always buy baby food x) (to the person above me- What does he/she mean Kaichou wa maid-Sama main character looks like a man? That’s so not true :/) That was fun x)

The “Name your favorite series” thread on any discussion board is always going to cause a flamewar because if there’s anything fans love to do, it’s argue and debate with each other – trolls notwithstanding.

As a longtime fan even I still enjoy it but I make sure to give reasons more than simply “it sucked.” And I also don’t have a thin skin. So if someone were to insult a favorite of mine, I don’t take it personally. After all, we’re all fans here…

As for the person’s list of shows he hated, I mostly agree with it.

Naurto, Bleach & One Piece – I like long series…but not infinite ones. Both of these have been running for over 15 years now. At least DB/DBZ found a breaking point between generations. But not these. And worse still, the anime would continue one with large amounts of filler episodes simply to pad out its episode count each season, and also to wait for the manga to make up its mind about what was going to happen next. One of the things I liked about anime was that the stories had a beginning, middle, and end, as opposed to the soap operas my mom used to watch which just kept going…and going…and going…

Dragonball – it’s not called “Drag-On-Ball” by detractors for nothing. There’s something wrong when you spend several volumes on a single fight that accomplishes nothing.

Sailor Moon – I never saw the appeal of this show among the fandom – especially when the show first came out, and anime fandom worldwide was mostly college aged males. The US dub version didn’t help things either…

Durara! – It might be good but I just couldn’t get into it. It moved too slowly, at least in the early episodes. It’s based on a Japanese novel and it shows. I’m personally not much for Japanese literature. I got plenty of that while I was in college.

Oh I have my favorites…but since I’m a fan from way back when, most of my list is of shows that are older than the average fan today. Shows like Macross, the original Gundam series, Future Boy Conan, Dr. Slump, and so on. To me, “new” shows include Ghost In The Shell, Cowboy Bebop and Paranoia Agent. I just don’t have the time or patience for most of the shows today which seriously just seem like endless retreads of stuff like Love Hina, which itself is a retread of the original Tenchi Muyou series (no, not the TV series…)

It’s in the same class of question as “Which is better, sub or dub?” or “Who would win in a fight between (insert superhero) and (insert another superhero)?”

They are intended for stirring up ire, because there can be no right or wrong answers to questions like these: they always boil down to personal opinion. And the asker already had a biased answer in mind before even asking. So it isn’t a quest for information, it’s really just a troll looking for a validation of a personal opinion and rewarding a fellow troll for agreeing with him/her.

Which is not supposed to be what Y!A is for. But look at how often it happens, so what can one say?

sounds like they want to piss fans off.

Times like this, I say create 2 accounts

The first account use it to ask for which anime is better or whats your favorite anime and look out for those who said that the famous animes you listed were worse

Then on the second account make a new thread that says “These animes are far worse than I thought”

That would be how I would get revenge on them for hating on the famous series.

* I’d love to see those hater reaction, when you start hating on their favorites O_o

For one, some of them are trolls. That’s just what trolls do. Secondly, I hate One Piece. I’ve never liked it. I hate the art, animation and storyline. If someone asks, what Anime do I not like, which anime do I think is the worse anime, I’m going to answer honestly. In 20 years of Watching Anime, there is only 1 anime that I hate. There is only one anime that I can’t stand to watch. If that is how someone feels, that is just how they feel. Just because you don’t like their opinion, doesn’t mean that their opinion has to change.

Correct me if I”m wrong but, did their question not ask for “the worst”? Sounds like they were literally seeking negative responses, like some kinda anime psychiatrist.lol

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