Has anyone ever been shot by a bow and arrow?

I’m currently writing a story, and there is a character who gets shot in the breast with an arrow. Any bow hunters out there who could help me out with personal accounts? Best answer given. pleeeeeease?

never been hit by arrow personally but have been around a little
if you are looking for description of effects – I’ll give it a try
basically two main types of points on arrows:
1 – target or field point – just a metal tip on a stick – it could easily go through a person’s chest without killing them if it didn’t hit a major blood vessel or organ (heart). It would likely deflate a lung and the person would likely die without prompt medical care (infection or lung would fill up with blood) About the same as being stabbed with screwdriver – depends on what gets hit
2 – broadhead point – usually 2, 3, or 4 metal blades (razors) on an arrow shaft that is spinning – works same way – hit major organ or blood vessel and you die pretty quick. Difference is that due to rotation and size of blades you are going to cut a lot of stuff going through and there will be a LOT of bleeding – incredibly lucky if you don’t bleed to death quickly
People have survived lots of things being stuck into their torso and even their skull but, if I wanted someone in a story to do much after being shot in chest with modern arrow, I’d specify a target or field point

As a Homicide Detective I had a male victim shot in the chest with an arrow .Went right thru his heart and partially out thru his back. He died on the way to the hospital. He was shot by his Father -in -law, for abusing his daughter physically

Had another case of attempted suicide, when the victim went into a Sporting Goods store and picked up a Broadhead hunting arrow from a display box and plunged it into his own stomach about 6″..He lived despite his own efforts..YES, It left a mark…

Just ask George Armstrong Custer.

Seen and cleaned ‘chest shot` game.
Initially there’s shock and numbness.
If the heart has been hit, unconciousness from
blood loss comes quickly.
If the upper part of the lungs, it takes longer and
the victim may ‘drown internally`.

Yes with like a 9.5lb draw back and a suction cup tip ahaha really really hurt. So like a 50lb would kill! literally especially with a broad head

He was probably very pleased with himself because back then hunting was the only way to get food for his family. It was a much more efficient way to kill a deer than earlier methods.

I know it has happened but what details are you looking for?

Obviously it is going to hurt, bleed and leave a hole in you…. If it is barbed you will rip your own guts out if you try to remove it. What exactly do you want to hear?

personally no, but I’m sure many have been as was favorite weapon of indians.

Jesus! you’re asking if anyones been shot before… have some class.
THats like asking a war vet if he ever killed anyone, and if so, how many people…. it’s classless.

i hate to tell you but that doesnt normally happen lol

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