How do i Change my oil in my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Its a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition and is a V8 i believe 5.7liter. I am trying to do the oil change myself and want to know where to drain the oil as well as where the oil filter is and how to change that.Also what do you do with the drained oil? I’m a first time oil changer so anything would help….

Go to Jiffy Lube or a garage, pay $20.00 and ask if you can watch them do the work. Next time you’ll have an idea what is involved. Getting rid of the old oil is another problem I can’t answer.

You take a screw off at the bottom of the car and the oil will drain out. Have a container where the oil can drain into and don’t make a mess. Now the oil filter varies on location depending on the type of car. I don’t know where it is located in a jeep. My car has it at the bottom but yours could be under the hood. You just unscrew the filter and replace it with a new one. You will need some tools to unscrew both.

Get yourself either some car stands/hydralic jack or car ramps note the ramps/stands need to be rated at least 2000kg + for a V8 Cherokee. Get also a oil change kit. (A drain pan with a funnel) a socket or spanner set you can go cheap and just get a adjustable spanner. Also get a oil filter removing tool. If you use your factory jack for this you likely to get crush or lose a limb. With ramps : drive your car carefully onto the ramps allow the car to cool off for about 30mins plus you don’t want hot oil burning you. Get under it with or without a creeper there is a sump that holds the oil their is a bolt there undo it and drain it into you plastic pan. Put bolt back in don’t overtighten it with the spanner just do it up tight without stripping the tread. Oil filter is easy to see when you are under the car. Undo the oil filter by hand if you can’t use the oil removable tool. Get new filter put a same amount of oil on the seal screw oil filter onto the stud hand tight only. Open you engine bay at start that way allows you to see during the day anyway(I have done in the dark). Open the engine oil cap pour oil in there to recommend amount do not overfill or else you need to drain it again. Start the car and reverse of the ramps. Let engine run a few minutes and check oil and top up as require. As for the old oil put a old plastic oil cantainer or other cantainer and take it to the auto wreckers the have drums of this stuff they will recycle it at no cost to you. Of course this is better to do after a several oil changes so you can take it all at once. Next time also try changing spark plugs every year that is also quite easy to do. As for the tools required not that expensive you pretty much get it back after a few changes yourself. Oil recommendations are in you owner’s manual. If you do it with car stands its just that you jack it up put stand under one side. Lower the jack and take overside and put 2nd stand. Never use jack as means of support if you do its dangerous hydraulic jacks will drop with a twist of a turn or if its faulty. In OZ 70 people a year die from getting under their cars unsafely. It is a bit long winded but just thought a step by step be useful for someone who has never done this.

Josh, first look in your owners manual sometimes its listed in there, and then theres books available at autozone or any other large auto parts stores that have all that info..or you can just get under the jeep your self and look .the filter is like a large coke can and the drain plug is under a pan that looks like a large baking pan turn upside down dont forget you have to grease your jeep as well and then there are the differenals and transfor case fluid that need checking and you have to grease the u joints as may be easier to take it a shop.

YOUTUBE extra oil give it to Autozone, Advance, etc.

if you have to ask take it to Jiffy Lube

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