How to you feel about Native American from Canada coming into the USA with out Visa or any other kind of?

How to you feel about Native American from Canada coming into the USA with out Visa or any other kind of restrictions. VS. Native American Mexicans coming into the US?

Native Americans from Canada move to the (US) without any problems. All they have to do is show tribal ID and Birth certificate to get a social…

Yes they should be treated the same!!! If we want to talk about who should leave this country it should be the whites…. at least the one that destroy this land and don’t care about it….

I’m gonna echo Mr.TwCrows. You need to go study some history.

There are some tribes along eastern Great Lakes (I know there are more tribes, but the Seneca and the Iroquois are two of them) who are guaranteed citizenship in both Canad and the US due to treaties the US and Canada made back around the turn of the 19th century. The US and Canada to keep peace with each other and with the tribe said that members of the tribe would be allowed free crossing between the nations and that they’d be kinda’ both Canadian and US. (I’m not explaining this very well, I know.)

When the US made all American Indians US Citizens in the 20th century they accepted these tribal members as both US citizens and Canadians. So, if you’re a member of those tribes with a Canadian Birth Certificate and one morning wake up and decide you want to be an American, the US government will issue you a passport and Social Security card.

(At least that’s how it’s been explained to me.)

There’s nothing illegal or special about this. It’s just the result of treaty.

In the South, between the US and Mexico, there are deserts, as Mr. Twocrows pointed out, and different treaties in place.

There are some tribes, like the Pai, that were split by border treaties, I think, but that’s the result of treaties made at different times.

But yes, there are reasons for the differences, and no, it’s not always fair, but what is in this life?

If they were to have official proof of being 100% Native American, perhaps it could be allowed…but, the problem with your proposal is that most Mexicans already look like they could be native Americans, and many would just try and scam their way into the US. A native American from Canada doesn’t look like other Canadians, so it lends a bit of credibility to their claim.

Also, if they are native to Mexico, and they are so proud of their heritage, why do they want to come here to the USA?

RHSaunders…what is this supposed “contribution” to society that illegal Mexicans are making? When it is all added up, illegal immigrants, not just Mexicans, cost us MUCH more than they ever contribute, or plan to contribute. They don’t pay income tax, the get free medical care, they don’t insure their cars and flee when their is an accident, they commit much more crime, their anchor babies go to school for free…the list goes on and on. Where do you think the money for this comes from? US CITIZEN TAX DOLLARS.

I think we’d all be much better off without this “contribution”. They have no right to be here, and should go home…voluntarily, or packed into a bus, I really don’t care.

Why not? its not they’re fault there half caucasion and mongolian. Most mexicans don’t realize that their half native american. That the myans and azteks where raped by the spanish whome are caucasion.The White’s From Europe Concured This land. The spanish were the worst ones killing and rapeing many cultures. I have no problems with the natives takeing they’re land back. Every one still speaks the white mans language English, Annnnnd guess what? “spanish” yea thats right keep speaking the white mans tongue hispanics..

I am Native American from USA… personally i have no issues with Canadian Natives coming to US.. and to make it clear they are called First Nations.. not Native Americans.. and there no such things as Native American Mexicans,…you need to get your research done before you start giving names to others. No matter what anyone says .. the US belonged to the Natives long before anyone was here.. We as Natives have been taught to respect the ones who came to this continent and taught us a better life… but as for the First Nations coming over here,, they should follow procedures as any immigrant and come legally,….

An illegal alien or immigrant is nothing less than a wound to the American economy. They deplete our tax dollars by illegal use of health care, the justice system, education and almost every other aspect of life that WE as legal Americans pay for. There should be no leniency of any kind. That is favoritism. Native Indians here in America deserve the treatment they deserve, they are AMERICANS, not Canadian or Mexican.

The difference is the HISTORY. Take the Cree for example, their lands ran from up in canada to down into the plains of the USA, THAT is why they can come and go.

There is a DESERT that seperates the US from Mexico, that desert is the reason the Azteca did NOT have Miwok Abalone. We NEVER traded with them. No crossing that desert on foot.

The spaniards BARELY made it because they had HORSES, and the ability to carry large amounts of water with them in wagons.

First, you are wrong. The tribes that are Federally Recognized still need to have proper identification before they can cross the border to visit the USA. The same goes for the tribe of Tohono O’Odham which crosses over into Mexico. They must be of legal status to utilize the IHS facility there. Do they though? hmmmm.. Some do and some do not.

They were here first. Surely we can cut them some slack.

I dont give a rats A** who you are, where you are from!! I you dont come to the country LEGALLY you dont belong here. Period.

Send ya back or shoot to kill simple… its really that simple.

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