I Support Our Troops, and Our Country, but i Don’t Support Israel. Do we have to?

I’m at my wits end. I can’t think of two good reasons why the US unequivocally supports Israel.

The amount of US aid to Israel is just Disgusting – it might as well be a state in Our Union. And it’s not just monetary support, but free weaponry, free F16 jets, etc. The U.S. is providing Israel with at…

1. Israel is our friend and Ally.
2. I served and am a US Veteran. Have You?
3. In answer to your question, YES WE DO!!!!

read a history book!! the real Martin Luther King ,junior the civil rights leader strongly supported Israel!!!

I think these videos will explain it. It is happening today in the Scandinavian countries, just like Lebanon. Israel is our defense in the region and votes with us more consistently than any other ally.

This lady grew up hating Jews.

Brigitte Gabriel Part 1

Brigitte Gabriel Part 2

Brigitte Gabriel Part 3

Brigitte Gabriel Part 4

Brigitte Gabriel Part 5

BTW, if you only hear one side… Hamas is the leader on Internet propaganda (I have tons of links for this, but not my point), you will never see the truth. Facts are hard to overcome. You decide if this page is a lie:


Hamas hides in schools where children are congregated to protect them from their enemy. They use children as shields. There is no mistaking this as it has been proven over and over again. Then they use the propaganda when these kids are killed claiming the number of children the “enemy” killed. If someone breaks into your house, what’s the first thing you do? Get your kids out of bed and place them in front of you?

Here is how they raise their own children (you will never see anything like this in Israel):






I don’t disagree complete as two of the largest countries in the world and both are emerging as the dominant economic countries of the world, China and India, are both allies of Israel. India is becoming maybe a better ally than the USA.

Add to their list of allies, Great Britain, Germany, France, Turkey, Canada, and Czech Republic, could all contribute to their pocketbook.

I don’t think it is any secret, Israel was in a strategic position to Russia during the cold war. Israel has more nukes than the UK and only outnumbered by France in the area. This is what they are good at… making nukes. They didn’t use our technology but their own… we found out about the nukes 2 years after they were making them with our spy planes. They also have unique ways (faster and cheaper) of building nukes that they have shared with the USA and India.

IOW, Israel was our knock at Russia’s back door during the cold war.

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