Im having a problem with my dumb fat neighbor.?

My neighbor on the left hand side always takes advantage of me. when i am not at home, he walks over and uses my pool. he sits on my inflatable chairs and drinks beer while blaring his radio that he pluged in to MY house. he brings his kids over and they use my trampoline. sometimes he also brings his friends over,…

Use a couple of video cameras to record his activities. Send copies to the prosecuting attorney in your area. He is burglarizing your home. If you cannot get results from that, you could just distribute copies to the news media. They love juicy items like that. This person is a danger to you and your other neighbors.

Time to set up cameras on your property and get a security system. Put up no trespassing signs on all four corners of your property and ensure that your neighbor sees them. Then if he comes onto the property, you can have him arrested for trespassing. Additionally, call your insurance company and tell them he is using your pool and is coming onto your property unauthorized and that you don’t want them to have to pay a claim if he gets hurt. They can send an investigator or help you with information as to how to fight the buzzard. How does he get an extension cord from your locked garage? That’s breaking and entering. Get pictures of him opening your mail box — and you can put an alarm in your mail box so that you will know when it’s opened and a picture can be taken. Tampering with someone else’s mail is a federal offense. If you can get him on a federal offense, then your local cops won’t be involved. Talk to the post office about a special mail box that has a special key for the mailman but can’t be opened by just anyone else. (Like the ones that are in apartment buildings). You can also get a restraining order to keep him off your property and if he violates it, you can have him jailed.

First, carefully document each of these occurrances. Get some webcams so that you can watch your pool area, trampoline, and mailbox while you are away. If you haven’t done do already, fence in your pool and yard and lock the gates. Then his trespassing becomes breaking and entering.

When he uses your property while you are away, call the police. If they refuse to respond, insist on talking to the Chief. If HE refuses to respond, take your complaint to the mayor. If all that fails, you will have to hire a lawyer to pursue the matter for you. Call the postmaster when he goes through your mail–a federal offense.

You may need a restraining order of some sort. Your neighbor is obviously suffering from some sort of mental illness, and you need to be protected from his irrational behavior. If it forces him into court ordered therapy, you will actually have helped him in the only way that you can.

While you are doing all of this, though, do not allow yourself to become angry or to treat your neighbor unkindly.

Good luck in all of this.

If he’s using your pool and trampoline and entering your locked garage against your express wishes, he’s trespassing.

If he’s using your water and electricity without your permission, he’s stealing.

If he has possession of your extension cord without your permission, he has stolen that as well.

If he’s tampering witrh your mail in any way at all, that is a federal offense.

I agree with the person above who recommended getting a restraining order. I’d also consider investing in a bit of covert video surveillance to get evidence that he’s actually doing what you say he is doing. The cops will have no choice but to intervene if you have evidence of his trespassing or breaking and entering.

You should also consider your possible liability problem if anything happens to him or his kids on your trampoline or in your pool. If you need to put up a fence, do it. If you need to install better locks, do it. If he brings friends over to your house and you don’t want them there, embarrass the hell out of him. Walk out to the pool naked with a bong and call him “lover”, or something.

Good luck!!

1. where do you live that the cops do nothing about this… if his kids break their neck on your trampoline dont you worry about the lawsuit? your pool should be locked- does he jump a fence to get in. get a restraining order…. and get a gun if its your property and he refuse to leave in most states you cant have protection at least give him a little scare. get an electric fence.

2. fight fire with fire…. have bonfires in his backyard. have an open house party next door invite anyone and everyone. pig roast are fun, maybe start a small farm with goats in his back yard. plant bamboo in his yard .

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are you a dog person ? if you are get a dog to bark his head of when you neighbor even comes near. if your not a dog person get one real video camera looking at you mail box and you garage and the buy dummy cameras for you pool etc.pretty soon you will have evidence acainst him (dummy cameras to scare him of and there cheap to)

Restraining order

Go back to court. He sounds mentally unstable andnthey should be able to tell you who can help. You might have to move.

Yeap..he does. He sucks….big time. I say move. Let someone else deal with him. Call him names, tell him you don’t let whales in your pool…. maybe he’ll get the hint?

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